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Small Business Brand Building

When developoing a new business, it is important to keep an eye on branding from the beginning. Building your brand is a fancy way of saying that you will establish "top of mind awareness" with your clients. When you think of brands, you think of names that come to head with certain products not necessarily the most obvious. In TV's, Sony, in business plans, MasterPlans, in auctions, eBay, etc.

Building a brand is a complex mix between effectively marketing your product in a drip fashion, as well as having it placed in front of the consumer at the proper intervals in branding situations such as TV commercials, newspaper ads, magazine ads, radio spots, internet web sites.

It's important to not only brand the name of the company, but the look and feel as well. One of the most affective tools in doing this in a company logo. Picking a logo can be very simple or very complex. Most companies over-do it. The most useful logos are quite simple to recognize and easy to reproduce. Google's logo is very simple, so is eBay's. Getting a quality logo is important, but putting the ad dollars behind it to build its brand is more important. The most recognized brands wouldn't be all that special if you weren't used to seeing them all the time in different mediums. Consider Nike, or the biggest known brand of them all, Apple. The simple apple is nothing overly flashy, nothing overly impressive, just a simple design.

The business plan is a good place to start building the building the brand of your business or product. By including the document in the branding image with logo, it says that the company, even at the earliest stage, has an eye towards building its brand. It's pretty easy to start getting the association between business and brand—and its never too early to start.

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