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MasterPlans is a 14-year-old business plan writing company located in Portland, Oregon. To contact us, call 1-877-453-2011 or email info@masterplans.com.
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MasterPlans: The business plan experts. Custom business plans by professional business plan writers. Business plan consulting by professional business plan consultants.

Brent Butler


MasterPlans is proud to have Brent as CEO. Formerly our Chief Operating Officer, Brent was responsible for creating and implementing the internal processes that allowed the company to scale and thrive during a period of tremendous growth: a 1,797% revenue increase over three years. His leadership transformed a two-man operation into a 40+ employee multimillion dollar business. Brent created many of the procedures that shaped MasterPlans' early excellence and today are responsible for our continued focus on quality, custom business plans.

Brent is also the Founder and Creative Director of GOODKID, a digital film and motion graphics company. His artistic vision, combined with his business acumen, make GOODKID a one-stop shop for commercial or industrial clients seeking video and motion graphics. Brent has worked with motion-design powerhouse Cardboard Castle on campaigns for Microsoft, the NFL, KIA, and The Food Network, among other companies and on social justice campaigns for Basic Rights Oregon and Nike.

Whether a project is for the small screen or a small business startup, Brent brings unparalleled insight and professionalism. When he's not setting new standards for business practices, or experimenting with motion design, Brent enjoys building Legos and mad science experiments with his nine-year-old son or skiing the slopes of Mt. Bachelor.

William Dean

VP Operations

William came to MasterPlans after a less rewarding career as a paralegal. He does two main things for MasterPlans: 1) monitoring workflow internally, and 2) writing business plans for some of our most promising clients. His hands-on work with our special projects division has led to successful venture documents for companies in the solar industry, biotechnology, ecommerce, and the entertainment field.

William attended Brown University and was the Tristam Burges scholar in English. Burned out on literature from his college days, he now "won't read outside work" and commits his evenings to watching NBA basketball, working to renovate his house, and spending time with friends and colleagues.

Thomas Wilson

VP of Marketing

A Northwest native, Thomas has been in the advertising and marketing fields since 2001. For more than a decade, he has created ad campaigns, customized logos, designed documents, and more for companies in nearly every industry imaginable. This extensive experience equips him with a unique understanding of each business's aesthetic, whether it be internal or external, and provides the ability to design capital-winning business plans and logos for every client. He has a passion for providing clients with the ideal design to fulfill their needs. To date, Thomas has personally designed business plans and logos for more than 300 clients.

A deep appreciation for graphics and illustration makes up a major component of Thomas' personality, and he applies this passion to every project he takes on. The man sees art in, or wants to apply art to, everything. As he says, "While at the movies, I dissect the font as the credits roll. I can overlook a bad comic book story if the art is beautiful. My T-shirt collection is vast and graphical."

Some may say he is a little obsessed, but that only benefits our clients. Providing the ideal solution to each client's design equation is always Thomas' goal.

Paige Short

Project Manager

Starting at MasterPlans as an editor, Paige Short quickly progressed to writing business plan narratives, and then to project management. While she has managed several hundred projects, Paige has worked on countless business plans in all stages of development, excelling at each position. The key, she says, lies in foresight—having the perspicacity to intuit the needs of clients and business planners is an attribute that allows Paige to take on challenges with composure.

Paige finds the critical close reading, analysis, and interpretation skills she honed while earning her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees in literature vital to her leadership role at MasterPlans. "Details are critical, and being able to understand the elements of a project as part of a larger context is also vital. It's the synthesis that is often the challenge in project management."

An Irving Story Scholar and honors student at Pacific University, Paige Short earned the Outstanding Graduate Award for her class, and worked as an editor and writing resource specialist for the university. She taught English in graduate school, and earned her Master's Degree in literature from Portland State University.

Austen Price

Project Manager

Born and raised in Portland, OR, Austen is a self-starter with a knack for finding creative solutions to complex problems. After graduating with a Bachelor's degree from Oregon State's Entrepreneurship Program, Austen entered the consulting and professional services industry, partnering with companies of all sizes to find creative business solutions. At MasterPlans, Austen is able to leverage his broad based experience to help others realize their entrepreneurial vision.

When Austen isn't managing projects he enjoys homebrewing, playing soccer, backpacking and watching the Portland Trail Blazers attempt to evade mediocrity.

Kelly Hinkle

Lead Financial Modeler

After a ten-year career of finance jobs in New York and New Jersey, Kelly followed her hunch that life in Oregon would be more fun. Upon relocating, she was hired as an "Excel Ninja" at MasterPlans, a place where she can apply her numbers geekery to a pleasantly-varied array of business models. Kelly began her career as research assistant for economist A. Gary Shilling, and besides contributing to his monthly newsletter, she was credited in his book, Deflation. She later worked as a community bank analyst and co-founded the community bank hedge fund, Lykos Capital Management. Kelly graduated with an Economics degree from Lehigh University and may finish the third level of the Chartered Financial Analyst program once she completes her first documentary film.

Ben Worsley

Financial Modeler

Ben joined the MasterPlans team after a seven-year stint as Director of Operations for a Portland small business. Working for a start-up required wearing many hats, from finances to marketing to product design to sales, and he incorporates his real-world experience into his financial models. A strategic and creative thinker, he has had career turns as a Writer, Editor, Graphic & Web Designer, and spent several years running his own business. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Politics from Willamette University and an Associate's degree in Visual Communications from Chemeketa Community College.

In his free time, Ben enjoys running, biking, basketball, and a well­earned cold beer.

Morgan Hrejsa

Lead Researcher

Morgan comes to MasterPlans by way of Chicago, where she spent five years working in book publishing. As an editor, she helped shape her author's visions into nonfiction books. Today, she applies her background in writing, researching, and editing to ensure all clients have an appropriate and successful business plan.

Although she occasionally misses the editorial process, Morgan feels her most fulfilled when unearthing the crucial bits of market research that will justify the need for a client's business. In the past three years, Morgan has composed research reports and product descriptions on topics ranging from roadways in Nigeria, luxury apparel markets in Asia, to coffee shops in Portland, Oregon. Morgan relishes that each day brings new projects and new challenges.

Prior to being named Senior Market Analyst, Morgan oversaw plans as a Project Manager. Using her editorial eye, her plans garnered praise from clients, including:

"...both products are outstanding. Everyone I show them to is blown away."
–Eric Ssebanakitta

"My bank was impressed...I close next week."
–Brenda Griffin

"I wanted to thank you for your continued efforts to please, you MasterPlanners are great!"
–Matthew Perkins

"Thank you again so much for working patiently with me and explaining to me the components that I did not understand. You run a top-notch operation"
–Cynthia Johnson

When not at work, Morgan loves reading, working out at the gym or in Oregon's wilderness, playing with her cat, Margot, and spending time with her husband. Morgan earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in English, with a focus in advertising, from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana.

John Prindle

Writer and Editor

John Prindle moved to Portland, Oregon, in 2010 – a few short years before it was officially the cool thing to do – and started freelancing as a writer and photographer, working for local contractors, fair-trade boutiques, and other businesses around the city. He's tackled major projects for companies like Intel, as well as smaller projects designing brochures and marketing collateral for brand-new businesses. He has a crime novel available on Amazon, and another in the works.

He is passionate about writing, film, music, and the pursuit of knowledge, and he believes in treating each MasterPlans project as if it were his own.

He received his Bachelor of Arts in English from Miami University, and his MFA in Creative Writing from Saint Mary's College of California. He's a Virgo, so he has a "cool exterior with a sensitive interior," according to some random astrology website.

Catherine Caperello

Writer and Editor

Cat loves helping entrepreneurs tell their story. She's worked in all kinds of business environments - from dot-com startups to Fortune 250 companies - and is excited to put her diverse background, dogged research tactics, and real-world writing skills to work for you. Prior to joining MasterPlans, Cat worked as a freelance writer and coach to indie entrepreneurs. She appreciates the challenge of producing good, solid copy with a marketing focus – in other words, being salesy without feeling sleazy.

She graduated from the State University of New York at Albany with a Bachelors in Political Science with a minor in Journalism - an expensive endeavor that taught her how to think about and explore the intersection of where the rubber meets the road in terms of policy and people. She's tenacious, focused, and applies a nuanced approach to the big picture.

Cat was drawn to Portland, Oregon from New Jersey in 2013 by a love of bicycling, and really good coffee. When she's not writing she enjoys spending free time with her wife and friends, hiking with her supermutt, attempting to garden, making copious amounts of channa masala, and bike camping.

Clementine von Radics

Writer and Editor

Clementine has called Portland home since 2010. She is the author of three collections of poetry, one of which was an acclaimed bestseller and all of which are available in bookstores worldwide. In 2013, she founded her own publishing company. As a writer and as a small business owner herself, she is ready to tackle anything you need. She is the daughter of a copy editor, and is not an apple that falls very far from the tree.

Clementine is also a competitive slam poet and has performed in 5 countries and every state except North Dakota and Alaska (too cold!) When she is not writing and performing, she can be found listening to 90s R&B, watching PBS, and hanging out with her cat.

Carlee Parsley

Writer and Editor

An avid reader, writer, and editor of all things, Carlee has loved story telling for as long as she can remember. She's always had a book or journal tucked in her bag and is constantly interrupted by story ideas flitting through her brain. Not that she's complaining; a noisy muse is hard to come by. Though she prefers to write fiction, she's dabbled in sci-fi, nonfiction, and modern fantasy and can't wait to tackle the challenge of writing for new businesses.

Carlee is originally from Boise, Idaho, and graduated from Linfield College with a BA in Creative Writing. She couldn't be convinced to return to the desert, so made her home near Portland. When she's not reading or writing, she's probably dashing to the beach, chasing sunsets, cooking, or experimenting with watercolors.

Tiphanie Laney

Executive Assistant

Tiphanie enjoys tackling the office problems and ensuring that our clients have the best possible experience working with MasterPlans. She worked for several years as an image specialist with copyright and provenance research. A talented multitasker, she makes sure that everyone's on the same page and nothing falls through the cracks.

A recent graduate from Reed College, she is a jack of all trades (and master of many) when it comes to art. She currently focuses her creative energies on sewing bags and digital design. She is always on the hunt for new music for her poi spinning, but will happily take out her earbuds to share stories about growing up internationally or her thoughts about art.

Your MasterPlanners.

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