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Client spotlight.

Heidi Ho Organics 

Heidi Ho Organics are the creators of extremely tasty (we verified), plant-based vegan cheeses. Three years ago, Heidi and Lyssa built their business plan with MasterPlans, and then launched a well-orchestrated Kickstarter project that took their passion for creating delicious vegan foods and turned it into a business with real profits and tremendous growth potential.


Their list of accomplishments is HUGE and still expanding. After Heidi Ho cultivated key partnerships with local growers and became a provider to Whole Foods®, the Company appeared on Shark Tank in November 2014 and successfully raised $125,000 in investment for expanded distribution. We are so proud of Heidi Ho for achieving their goals and taking their amazing products to the next level!

170 retail accounts, $125k raised on Shark Tank

Union Cab 

Taxis in Portland are stiff competition, so when Kadir Waqayo came to us with an idea for a new cab company, we knew that even with a great business plan, he had his work cut out for him. Kadir was up to the task. With his plan in hand, Kadir went off to the city and won 50 new taxi licenses for his company, Union Cab, which is co-owned by the group of 50 cab drivers who had previously worked for other Portland companies. The project was not only successful for Union Cab, but also fun for MasterPlans. It's great to work in our local community and everyone on our team feels a sense of pride seeing the Union Cab logo whizzing around town. In Portland and need a ride? Give Union Cab a call!

50 Taxi Licenses


Today, more than half the companies on the Fortune 500 rely on Conductor for their SEO efforts. From content and linking strategies to advanced web technologies, Conductor's leading SEO platform has been at the cutting edge of Internet optimization for half a decade. But Founder Seth Besmertnik first needed a hefty $14 million in venture capital—funding he got using an aggressive business plan developed by the experts at MasterPlans. Following the growth objectives in his plan, Seth has built Conductor into a 75-person company earning more than $10 million in annual revenue. And it's a cool place to be, too—Conductor was ranked #6 for "Best Places to Work" by Crain's New York for 2010.

70 jobs created

Senior Homestyle Living© 

Recently breaking ground, MasterPlans business planning client, Ron Cheney, just raised a tremendous amount of capital ($20MM to $250MM total) to start an elder care development in Burleson, Texas. Here's a brief description of the funded enterprise:


"Senior HomeStyle Living© is launching an innovative and easily replicable model for Community Retirement model for Community Retirement Care Homes© designed to overcome many of the problems in today's elderly care industry and to dramatically increase efficiencies and lower costs. Senior HomeStyle© Living's model, which can be repeated and built in communities across the country, provides higher revenue and lower costs, higher ratios of caregivers to residents, superior care and empowered employees resulting in increased long-term profitability compared to existing institutional alternatives. This model is the most efficient in terms of profitable revenue generated per square foot."

$20MM+ in capital raised

Crave Bake Shop 

Being allergic to many foods herself, Kyra Bussanich started Crave Bake Shop because she wanted to make sweet-tasting treats accessible to everyone, even if they had food allergies that prevented an indulgence of traditional baked goods. Kyra's obsession with ingredients and exciting flavors got rave reviews from the judges of Cupcake Wars (a Food Network program). MasterPlans provided a business plan to help her expand after a network success.


UPDATE: Kyra was on Cupcake Wars for a SECOND time recently. Here's a clip with her amazing victory.

70+ flavors

Green House 

Sean Entin and Chris Ursiti, founders of California-based alternative fuels company GreenHouse, had an uncommon need when they wrote to MasterPlans. They needed a business plan, sure; but it had to pique the interest of a truly niche investor: the eco-conscious celebrity. After working with MasterPlans to pin down the market opportunity and refine the pro forma, they pitched their revolutionary fuel concepts to a very big audience: 7'1" NBA center Shaquille O'Neal. "The Big Diesel" quickly invested $2.5 million into the start-up, and today GreenHouse has sprouted into a diverse environmental products company with revenues from residential, commercial, and government clients.

4 divisions

Work Her Way 

Carolyn Kepcher got a hearty dose of media attention as a top executive in the Trump Organization. Her ensuing stint as "the Donald's" right-hand woman on the award-winning reality TV series The Apprenticeput her in the public spotlight, but it's her inner entrepreneur that's turning heads now. Carolyn came to MasterPlans in 2008 to develop a comprehensive roadmap for her own media company, Carolyn & Co. In 2010, its first holding was launched—, the ultimate online resource for the working woman. With the MasterPlans proposal, Carolyn secured a partnership with the revered web marketing firm Cosmos Communications, and built the Work Her Way contributor base to 150+ national experts. Here's what Carolyn is up to now.

77 experts


Recently Fast Company magazine published an article on Paul Giles' Moto-Meter. The article has an in-depth spread on the upcoming launch of this innovative and tamper-proof device in March of 2011. Paul has certainly done great things with this technology and MasterPlans was happy to be part of his success. With 20 million motorcycle taxis in Thailand, the potential is quite huge. Check out this YouTube video ofthe Moto-Meter in action.

20 million taxis

Pegasus Aircraft Maintenance 

When Carlos Nelson contacted MasterPlans, he'd never even seen a business plan. A FedEx mechanic with dreams of starting a full-service aircraft maintenance company in Anchorage, Alaska, Carlos hired MasterPlans to write a bank proposal asking for a $500,000 SBA loan. With his MasterPlans business plan in hand, Carlos received enough funding to grow his Pegasus Aircraft Maintenance into an $11 million company with 90 employees. But he wasn't done. Under Carlos' leadership, Pegasus was named Alaska's Small Business of the Year in 2007, and in 2009—just five years after he retained MasterPlans—Carlos sold his multimillion-dollar Pegasus to the management services firm Akima, a holding of Alaska's $1.3B NANA Corporation.

90 jobs created


Ryan Marquis, co-founder of PixelMags saw $1,000,000 from outside investors. "The Company" creates flippable magazine style books for viewing on your iPad or iPhone device with Android versions coming soon. The PixelMags behave like real magazines and give publishers a chance to create specialized advertising specifically for touch-screen devices. Pottery Barn has a catalog currently available as a PixelMag for their product showcase as well as do many other household names. With the inevitability of new iPads, Android and other touch-screen based devices on the horizon it looks like PixelMags will be very busy in the near future.

$1MM in VC

Skout Natural 

Skout Trailbars faced a common dilemma: how do you stand out in a crowded market? Founder Jason Pastega of Skout Natural knew he had the recipe for a great tasting organic energy bar, but getting shelf space alongside Clif Bar, Powerbar and the like meant dramatically expanding production and marketing. Jason came to MasterPlans seeking a business plan to get extra capital—without it, Skout couldn't reach that next level. Now successfully funded, the Skout Trailbar—one of few energy bars that can claim to be all-organic, vegan, kosher, nondairy, and soy-free—is not only in more locations than ever before, it's right alongside all the leading brands.

225 locations

Triple S Beef 

Gary Stowe was a 25-year veteran of the cotton and cattle industries when he called MasterPlans looking for a highly specialized proposal. Trying to modernize the beef industry in Tanzania, he needed to repurpose grazing land for 75,000 head of cattle and launch a full-scale abattoir. But this meant submitting a detailed business plan to the government of the African nation, as well as soliciting private capital from global agricultural investors. MasterPlans worked hands-on with Mr. Stowe and his team to build a business plan that could fulfill both functions. With this document now in finished form, Triple S Beef is today ramping up to export quality beef products throughout central Africa.

75,000 cattle

The AB&Y Group 

Taking advantage of a niche portion of design and architecture, the founders of The AB&Y Group design and manage technology systems throughout the construction process. This work entails all of the technology infrastructure of new construction and includes working with both architects and engineers on any given project.


Since working with MasterPlans they have obtained the necessary capital, completed the first draft of a website and are currently operating with all three partners on payroll.

3 partners on payroll

94 reviews.


I'm sorry it's taken this long to reach out, but I want to thank you for the work you did on our business plan! We submitted the plan to our bank, which is the largest SBA lender in the South East, and were approved! Took 6 months... but approved. The underwriter said this was one of the best, if not the best, business plans he had ever reviewed. We were originally seeking $450K but eventually were funded $590K. I'm confident that the business plan you put together had everything to do with our approval.

Thank you and MasterPlans. I can't recommend you highly enough.


Bob Sylvester
Saint Somewhere Brewing Company

Brock & Mike,

I would like to thank you both for your exceptional service from the initial inquiry call to the execution of the final draft. The experience has been nothing short of amazing and I appreciate everything that your team has out into our business plan.

Thank you

Monique Bush

Hi William,

Thank you for the email. My E-1 client that your company recently did a biz plan for was approved for a 5 year visa. I reviewed the plan and was very impressed. Thank you!

My direct EB-5 client is finalizing the sale of a commercial space and should be looking to get the biz plan drafted within the next few months. I will pass along your info when he's ready.

Kind Regards,

Kyle J. Barella
Immigration Practice Group

Good Morning Bryan,

My name is Cynthia Fitzgerald and I am an entrepreneur based in McKinney, Texas. I am writing you this email to commend several members of your team that have preformed in an exceptional manner. On July 15, 2014, I contacted MasterPlans via phone as a follow-up to an email I had sent 2 weeks earlier requesting someone contact me regarding an urgent project.

I was connected with Miri Rossitto. I outlined to Miri that due to the miscommunication, I was leery of using your company's services, but that it was an emergency situation and I that needed a business plan for the purchase of a Home Health Care agency completed within 5-7 business days, so that I would be able to deliver it to my investors by July 31, 2014.

Miri, assured me that MasterPlans would be able to deliver and I was initially assigned to Brock Aun. Brock was professional, proactive, creative and instantly and constantly accessible to me to get the project launched. Although Brock had to transitioned off the project due to time out of the office, I was transitioned to Margarett Waterbury and her team. To state that my experience with Margarett has been outstanding would be a gross understatement.

Margarett has exemplified everything that one would expect from a consummate professional. She has been thorough, patient and above all, diligent. Through numerous rewrites, telephone calls (some after hours), emails and often same day turnarounds, Margarett has assisted me in pulling together a compelling and well thought out business plan, which I am confident will be instrumental in our firm obtaining the funding that we are requesting.

I thank you and your entire staff for the outstanding job and want you to know that I will highly recommend MasterPlans to all my colleagues.

Thank You,

Cynthia Fitzgerald
President and CEO
Excelin Home and Hospice Care Network

Hey Marisa,

I hope all is well with you and the Master Plans team! I have arrived in Jacksonville, FL and the search is on for a location.

I wanted to share an experience I had this week with you guys. I had a meeting with a top commercial broker who is assisting me in finding a location for Tortas and Flats. This guy has a great reputation and more importantly a great relationship with the top developers and landlords needed to secure an "A " location and normally just handles national clients.

In our meeting, I presented our business plan to him for his review. We walked through the plan together and went over the broad strokes of the concept.

I can't tell you how IMPRESSED he was with the plan! He said it was the best plan that was ever presented to him, even the larger companies he works with all the time. Obviously, I did not want to come across as a "mom and pop" operator and it worked. Now he is very excited about the concept (and me too!) and is working on some landlord and developer meetings. A great first impression!

Thanks again for all the good work! Please share with the group!

Thanks - Scot Murray

Tortas and Flats!

Call to appear here soon! 1-877-453-2011

Dear Marisa,

I'm really glad to inform that Tercio and his family were granted the E-2 Visas.

Thank and best regards,

Hey Marisa,

I received my final business plan for Tortas and Flats in the mail a few days ago. It looks awesome! This concept was just an idea a couple of years ago and you have no idea how great it feels to have Tortas and Flats come to life right before my eyes!

I also wanted take a moment and thank you and the team at Master Plans on a great job and how much I enjoyed the process. I would tell anyone thinking about starting a new business to go through this process. It forced me to look at my business in a different way, with clarity and without the emotion that can sometimes make a bad idea into a good one. It really forces one to "drill down" on their project to ensure they are making the right decisions for the right reasons for their business. I will be a better operator for going through this process.

As discussed, I will contact you when the time comes regarding our food truck concept. I will keep you posted on our progress regarding Tortas and Flats!

Thank You - Scot Murray
Tortas and Flats!

Awesome Marisa,

Thank you so much for doing such a professional job with our business plan. I remember making one in college and it took me ages! Research, and typing page after page…so many components. You did such an incredible job and we thank our friends at Blazonco for recommending you to us! Have a great day and great weekend! We will keep you posted with how we are doing :)



When possible I like to take a moment and share when I have a positive experience with regards to customer service and product excellence. Overall, my experience throughout the entire business plan drafting and finalization process was superb. Brock Aun particularly did an exceptional job of navigating the entire process and addressing all of our needs in a timely manner. Strong work MasterPlans!

Best Regards,

Dr. André L. Mitchell
Founder & CEO


Thank you very much - I really appreciate all you have done and I will most definitely recommend you and your company to anyone and everyone.



Call to appear here soon! 1-877-453-2011

Hi Gang,

I am very pleased to report that we closed on our $3M funding today. Many thanks for your advice and most creative assistance with our Business Plan! I wanted you to be the first to know. Will be in touch the first week of January to discuss more plans. Please feel free to call or email in the interim.

Have a superb Holiday Season. I look forward to talking with you.

All the best,
Charlie Minter

Dear Bryan,

A few months back, I accepted the fact that having a business plan for my start-up would be in my absolute best interest. I had neglected this topic for some time as my focus lied with other topics surrounding the business. As we all do, I turned to the web in search of the best way to achieve a well-written plan. Along with other options, I discovered MasterPlans in my search.

After review of your site and appreciating the design and content, I called your company and in short time was connected with Miri Rossitto. She quickly put me at ease with her great personality and based on our conversation, your clients, and other key points, I decided to proceed forward and acquire the services of your company.

My business plan was assigned to Marisa Marconi, based on the recommendation of Ms. Rossitto. In short, I feel very fortunate. Over the next several weeks, Ms. Marconi was nothing short of exceptional in her quality of service. The initial draft of the plan was truly impressive and she was consistently patient, professional, and assisting through the numerous revisions to produce the final version of the plan.

In summary, I thank you for your actions, that have resulted in attracting and retaining the caliper of people that exist within Masterplans. It is because of these people that my experience and my business plan both far exceeded my expectations.

Thank you again,

Karl Fischer
Founder & CEM


You are the best writer, we at WGG appreciate your hard work and proud of your professional writing.

Be Safe. Enjoy your weekend.

Very Respectfully,


I appreciate what you and the MasterPlans team have accomplished, truly. Like every other Master plans customer, I had a choice for where to take this project. And having made the decision to "stack hands" with MasterPlans, I was pretty confident things would go well...but this was my first date with the company. Would it go well?

Today, having received the final version of my MasterPlan, I am beaming... and my confidence has given way to gratitude. You didn't let me down. I am proud of you, and for you. I'm proud of you (and every member of your team) because you all delivered at the highest level on your company's promise. I'm proud for you (and again for every member of your team) because together, you all are the evidence that America is still the best, and that no shore is greater than our shore.

Thank you for sharing your talent, expertise, and commitment. I couldn't be where I am today without you.

Please share my gratitude with your team!

David Vandivier

Mr. Howe:

I have a small business and heavily rely on feedback... both good and bad. Although people generally are quicker to send negative feedback, I truly believe positive feedback is just as important. With that, I cannot say enough how great Paige was with my project. If I needed a change or any type of help she would get it done much quicker than I hoped for. Her responses to my emails where just as quick. This is all on top of the great plan that was built from your team. Both the SBA and the bank I am working with said that it was one of the best business plans they have seen. And although adjustments had to made, Paige was right on top of them and had them done to exactly how I requested. Job well done to you and your team... and especially Paige who I worked with. Thank You!


Todd B. Rosen
John Peters Professional Limousines, Inc.

Call to appear here soon! 1-877-453-2011


Again, I am so impressed with the level of service and the quickness of responses I get each and every time
from MasterPlan!!

My company of 25 years also has a A rating with BBB so I know how hard this is to obtain and keep. You guys also have this rating and you have shown me that you earn it each day.


I have taken the new numbers and now we are applying our re-jigged text. I do not forsee any further changes however as I am sure you know, there can be little bugs that can come up in the final path to funding but I will make sure that any further changes are minimum.

Again thank you. Please share this with Brock and Kelly as they have really done an excellent job.


FYI, my presentation WON over 13 other presenters for the multi-million LA area. Woo hoo!!
THX for your team’s patience and good work.
Best regards,

Steve McFarland | President & CEO

Thanks, I will keep you posted but all in all we are good. We raised $1,500,000 with this so far and am in the final stages of closing another $500K once things are re-adjusted and moved around a bit which I am doing.

Thanks a million, (more like $2m), for all your help, I couldn't have done it without you and the team at MP.



Thank you for your outstanding work, professionalism and easy to get along with attitude! I really enjoy working with you. Have a great 4th of July.

Best Regards,
Gary Mixon

Good morning Brock and MasterPlans team! I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the excellent work that you have all done so far in preparing our Album Interactive business plan. I was hopeful yet sceptical in the beginning about how quickly we would be able to communicate our vision and ideas for this business, but Brock immediately locked in to what we were saying and any scepticism i had was erased! You guys are very good at what you do and we're glad to be working with you.

Luke Austin S.
Album Interactive

Call to appear here soon! 1-877-453-2011

Aloha Marisa!
I have been to write to you for days!!!
I have great news!!!
I have obtained the lease for the location I wanted!
It's kind if a big deal b/c it's the only spot on the town square, and they have been waiting to find the right person with the right business with the right plan!!!!
Thank you so much for all that went into the plan and the info that you helped me with!
It's a very exciting time for me and I truly appreciate having had ur team of experts on board since day one!!!!

Couldn't have gotten this far without Masterplans!!!!

Thank you again,

Hi Marisa,

I should have written you sooner to tell you and your team 'Thank You' for the business plan. I have been open for 4 months now and the saloon is a big hit. I know I couldn't have done it without you guys. If you want to see the updated bar, you should check us out on Remember to stop by when you're visiting your mom, and I'll buy you a drink.

Thanks again,

Seth Graby

Mr. Howe,

It is my understanding that you are the Owner and Founder of MasterPlans and I am writing this email to express my sincere appreciation for what your company—specifically, Brock Aun and Kelly Hinkle have done for me.

My MasterPlans Story

A year ago, while sitting in my final Physics lecture before completing my prerequisites for Dental School, my mind began to wonder—as one might expect would happen while attending a lecture in Physics. Instead of taking notes on the physicality of the world my mind was far away, dreaming up an idea to solve a problem that was far more interesting to me. It was then that I realized, after filling my notebook with pages and pages of unorganized thoughts and ideas, that the only reason why I wanted to attend Dental School was to own and operate a Dental Practice. I realized at that moment that I didn't have to attend 4 additional years of College, participate in a 2 year Residency Program and sacrifice many hours of sleep for exams and practicals—I just had to have a better plan.

I already had a BS in Business and have therefore had to write countless fictitious business plans; however, I soon found that writing my own was much more grueling—after all, I will rely on this information to continue my dream, not just receive a grade.

I made two phone calls: one to Master Plans and another to one of your competitors. The representative at your Competitor's company made me feel unimportant, naïve and misunderstood. After this phone call I felt a little discouraged but I remembered Steve Job's, "Stay hungry and stay foolish", quote and decided to make contact with your company. After one very satisfying phone call with a Rep (who I am ashamed to say I cannot remember his name), I was sold. One day later, Brock was in contact with me.

As a first-time entrepreneur I am sure you can imagine that I have little expendable time on my hands; however, I feel it is absolutely necessary—in fact, my obligation—to give the appropriate accolades to your team; specifically, Brock and Kelly.

Brock Aun

Even as I write this I cannot find the right words to express how thankful I am that I was put into contact with Brock at the beginning of my journey. With ease, Brock took my ideas and helped to translate them into nothing short of the Masterpiece I sit in front of today.

Minutes into our first conversation, Brock made me feel comfortable, understood and valued. Brock was able to dive into my business plan almost as if he already had a full understanding of it from the very beginning. He has been consistently responsive, efficient and has provided me with nothing less than the best customer service experience I have ever had. In our many discussions, even after a year-long period of inactivity and a re-instatement of the project I never once had to familiarize Brock with my plan. I do not know whether Brock has a remarkable memory or was just completely prepared for every conversation, but regardless, he always knew exactly what I was talking about every time we spoke and I never needed to remind him of a single detail. Brock was an essential and absolutely invaluable person on this task and I wanted to make sure that you know exactly that.

Kelly Hinkle

In my first conversation with Kelly, I tested her. In fact, I believe that my first question to her was, "What are your qualifications?". Having been spoiled by Brock, I wanted to make sure that the picture he painted of your company didn't just end with him and that it continued to your entire team. The latter was proven as Kelly calmly and confidently answered my question to my satisfaction. By my own admission, I needed to re-familiarize myself with Accounting, Economics and Statistics which is why Brock led me to Kelly. Kelly was welcoming, attentive and patiently worked me through the process of understanding the numbers. Her role in my full comprehension of this plan was invaluable and I sincerely thank her for her commitment.

I am one very satisfied customer and it is safe to say that my satisfaction is a direct result of the hard work and dedication that Brock and Kelly have proven to me.

Brock and Kelly—thank you very much for what you have done for me, I appreciate you both very much.

Angela R. Crisci

Hey Brock I hope all is well. As you can see we were approved all thanks to your plan so thanks for that!!!!. I have now done 4 plans with you guys over the last 2 years and love your service and will be coming back for more! Thanks again.



You guys didn't meet my expectations . . . you EXCEEDED them! I wanted to take a moment to thank you and Marisa for your hard work and commitment to our project. After receiving notice that our business plan had to be completed within days, we had to find a company that could assist us within a short time frame. MasterPlans took on the challenge and worked efficiently from start to finish. The professionalism and attention to detail that Marisa Marconi provided was outstanding. Marisa is an excellent representative of your organization, and we can't thank her enough for our excellent experience.

Thank you for your commitment to good customer service.


Clifford J. Rice

Call to appear here soon! 1-877-453-2011


I would like to say well done and a huge thank you. You and your company have risen above my expectations. I am so pleased with the end result. So I take it, its a go. Anything that I need to finalize with you? What would be the eta on getting the copies? Again thank you.


hello paige

The Business plan looks good. Thank you for the great job!!! I will recommend this service to others and will use it in the future if needed. The time saved and the research quality that you have done is priceless!!!

Thank you so much


Hi Marisa,

So sorry for the late reply...just got back in town. The BPlan looks amazing. You guys are really good at your job! I'm extremely happy with the finished product. I will trully use Master Plan in the future and also refer all my friends.

Thanks Again,
Mike Parks


I wanted to drop you a line to let you know.

Today we received tentative approval for funding of project. Waiting for full board to meet August 2nd.

Lending Officer stated The Business plan was phenominal!!!

Thank you very Much I'll let you know when everything comes together.

Dan Maher

Hi Brock,

My apologies for not getting back to you sooner. Omar, Ira and I have reviewed the final draft documents and were quite pleased with the final products. You and your team deserve a hearty - great job to all.

We have made some modifications to both documents and feel very comfortable with any textual modifications that need to be done going forward.

Again, thank you and your team for your effort and the excellent product you have produced. We would like to offer that we would be glad to be a referral for you in the future if you determine we could be of assistance.

Enjoy the remainder of the summer...


Call to appear here soon! 1-877-453-2011


I never ever write emails like this, I only complain. However, I need to take a brief moment to convey how happy I have been with the professionalism extended by Brock, Thomas and Master plans.

I was up against a gun, meeting with 4 facilities in Las Vegas, and the Auto Plan was still not done, as a result of a delay on my part. In the end, I caused the delay, but pleaded with Thomas and Brock to get the plan done in an expedited timeframe.

Well, I met with the facilitates, and the meeting were extremely successful, they thought the plan was one of the best submitted.

I am just simply really happy with those two, and very happy that they understood my predicament and pushed it through. I do not usually request such accommodations, unless I really need them. Another words I only holler wolf, when I really mean it. I did holler, and they performed, and really went above and beyond.

Put me down as a reference, I owe you one. Thanks again

Todd Pigott


Just want to give you an update.. Ive submitted to the bank and UniGroup.. Everyone always says the same thing.. See below!

Thank you for doing such a great job!

Sean Hamilton
Know Your Mover

"Hi your package of information.....without printing everything (and trying to watch basketball game) it looks great! In fact, it is one of the most impressive business plans I have ever seen in 25 years....great job!

Talk to you tomorrow!


I thought I would tell you the good news. Because of your company's excellence and attention to detail I received the SBA loan I applied for.

Thank You

Mark Spencer

Hi Marisa,

I received SBA approval from Wells Fargo today! I couldn't have done it without you! Hiring you/Master Plans was the best money I ever spent! I received compliments from loan officers and underwriters on the quality and detail in the business, THANK YOU!!

I will gladly be a referral for your business, if needed.

Thanks, Bonnie O'Meara

...I want to ensure that Bryan knows and publicizes the fact that without your [Kelly Hinkle] incredible financial modeling capabilities, we would not have been successful. You were the driving reason for our big dollar success. The plan was well organized and written accurately from the information provided by us to MP and because of the professional layout with the incredible financial data, it was a relatively easy sale in this economy.

Ronald W. Cheney
Managing Member
Senior HomeStyle Living, LLC

Call to appear here soon! 1-877-453-2011

Hi Marisa

I thought you would like to know that I did get accepted, and offered a territory in Houston to develop a DD franchise.

They did comment on the quality of the BP.

Many thanks for your help here



Brock this is BEAUTIFUL. I could not have done it with out your patience ,expertise and excellent customer service you are a gem. I submit it on December 6th. My faith, your business plan and God Grace I will be successful (tears) Thank you so much. Stay Blessed

Dear William

I have good news for you, my application I-526 was approved by USCIS.

Thank you very much for the business plan!

Have a nice day!



I want to thank YOU and all of MasterPlans staff for all your help with my business plan and proposal. We ended up as of last week thursday 1 of 2 finalists out of all who submitted proposals. As of friday last week i was "unofficaly" accounced as the winner. We are going into final meetings/negotiations starting this thursday at 12pm e.s.t. Please forward this email if possible to all staff if you could and express my appreciation for all your work and effort !

Thanks !

P.S. I have another bid/business plan/proposal that needs (gentle) pricing. :)

- Michael P Chiriac

Hi Marissa,

I trust you had a great Thanksgiving. Wanted to let you know that we closed with Dunkin Donuts this week for the East Des Moines territory. I appreciate you and your entire team and your help with our business plan. When prospective new franchisees call I will definitely recommend that they use Master Plans.


Call to appear here soon! 1-877-453-2011

Brock, sorry this is so late in coming, but I have been a little busy!

With out Master Plans and your insight my dream would of never come true. With your document I was able to realize what was in my head could really be! I was granted a small business loan straight out. Though I funded my dream on my own. I am now owner of a woman owned corporation. Bra Garden has a facebook page please check it out.

Our business has not bloomed yet, we only opened 11/01/11! Lots of networking to be done!

With out Master Plan and you Brock Aun I would not be sitting in my beautiful boutique!

Thank you from my heart,
Kathy Zutz

Hi Paige, William and Bryan –

Just wanted to let you know that we got the deal done, even the financing is in place. It's due in large part to having that wonderful business plan, the good market data, and all those cash flow proformas. Please pass along my thanks to Kelley for putting those together.

Thanks so much!


Hi Marisa,

Thank you for everything you have done this past month. I am very pleased with my Business Plan. I really can not express how much I appreciate what your team and you put together.

I will most certainly will use Master Plans for any future endeavors.

Thanks Again,
Douglas Struyk

I was greatly impressed by the work! Please tell your team that they did a great job. I will be reviewing the document today and send it back.
- Maxim Cote, Healthcare IT

You guys are doing a great job. We have already recommended your service to colleagues of ours.
-Lynn Hunter and Brook Sandel

Call to appear here soon! 1-877-453-2011

The plan looks better than I imagined. Excellent job, Brock. Please extend my thanks to the rest of your team as well.
- Luke Haile, DVDNow

Marisa- I was wondering if you
Could email me a copy of the final draft. I guess I never did get that. So once again I am suppremely impressed and thankful for what you and everyone else does there. You help make dreams a reality. Thank you, jd bush

Hi Marisa,

Just wanted to let you know I got the copies in the mail. Amazed at how fast they got to my door.

I don't want to sound like a broken record or anything but your company is the best and thanks again for everything,


Good evening Bryan!

My name is Tom Braddock. I am the CEO and Founder of WePur LLC. My sincere apology for not sending this email sooner. Your company recently completed our business plan. I meant to reach out to you over a month ago to tell you how pleased my team and I were with Marisa She was phenomenal as a Project Manager! Her professionalism and responsiveness were second to none!

If you need any customer reviews for your website in the future, I would be happy to provide one. MasterPlans and Marisa definitely exceeded my expectations!

Thank you for your time!

Best regards,

Tom Braddock
CEO and Founder

Hello [Marisa],

Again thank you and your team for the terrific work on the eTelecom plan! Amazing!!

This is one of the best plans I have seen. Just awesome!

Speak to you soon (for the other projects),

Call to appear here soon! 1-877-453-2011

Hi Bryan & Paige,

I just wanted to write to you to say thank you SO much for putting together such a professional business plan! We really appreciate the attention to detail that the plan entails. We were extremely pleased at the high level of professionalism that is displayed with your company! The best part is that this amazing business plan got us the loan we needed to help our company grow and the bank didn't question any part of it.

We will definitely be recommending MasterPlans to anybody looking for help with a business plan!

Thanks again for all of your help!


Jason Pastega, Founder        Denny Pastega, Vice President
Skout Natural Foods              Skout Natural Foods

Hi Bryan,

Chandler and I just wanted to drop you and Marisa a note to say thank you. Our final business plan copies were received last week. We feel it is important for us to write this letter because of how impressed we were with your service. We must admit that at first we were unsure how things would work in light of the fact you are so far away but the experience of this plan development was wonderful! We have the following pointed comments:

1. Marisa Marconi was always on time for meetings, responsive to emails and questions, helpful and supportive. She gave advice and guidance as required. Her services were extremely knowledgeable and professional. Her tone of voice was always in guidance and never condensending considering one of us (Joann) was not experienced in this process.
2. Master Plans provided exactly the service as exlained up front to us on the stated timelines.
3. The final product received was of high quality.
4. We are happy with the value we received for our money. We are grateful to have received a high quality product at a very reasonable price especially during such a hard economic time.

Doing what you say you will do, at a good value, builds business trust and respect. As our business grows we know we will want to revise our plan to develop Echelon Medical. We will not hesitate to call you when we reach that point. We WILL recommend your services to others.

Thank you for your services.

Joann Evans                          Chandler Lee
Owner                                   CEO
Echelon Medical, LLC             Echelon Medical, LLC

Hi Marisa,

Thank you so very much for all your help. You have provided a very professional service! I am extremely impressed with the quality and value of the product received. You can be sure that when we need to update our plan and/or do a new one for a new business in the future we will be coming to you, Master Plans.

You may forward the printed copies to:

Joann Evans


Wanted to let you know that Morgan has been a pleasure to work with - responsive, professional, and enthusiastic about the work you are doing at MasterPlans. I really like my plan and feel that it is a great representation of my vision.

I have been a fan of your company's for some time and really appreciate the content, clarity and benefit focus of your online presence and advertisements. I've also been intrigued about your capability to do business plans nationwide, and in high volume for a variety of industries. I also like the diagram of your "process" and how you break it up into smaller pieces so the client understands how it works.

Kind Regards,
John Stevenson

Holy snikes. Thanks a ton. I really appreciate you doing this. Keep up the good work. If you ever need a customer reference let me know.



Call to appear here soon! 1-877-453-2011

Hi Paige!

Not sure if you remember me or not...but I wanted to make sure you knew about the boutique's grand opening! Thanks for all your help with the business plan and I'm sure we will work together again soon.

Kind regards,
Cavell R Dudley


I am VERY proud of this plan. Thank you so much, please tell Brittany I said the dsame. Actually , I'll tell you guys that this Plan KICKS ASS !!!

Please make this one simple change. On Mission statement, please make it obvious that it states that the service is tested and is working well now for over 6 months. But with a better way of saying it., lol.

Thank you man! CS


William ... Thank you, to you and Kelly, for turning this around so quickly...

I really appreciate the professional work I received from MP.

Have a great night!


Hi Marisa,
I got the Package , Monday or Tuesday.
Thanks for getting it done so fast.... tell the your team thanks!!!
And a great job.!
We'll keep in touch on our progress threw our growing process. We'll
spread the word for your company.

Call or Reply.

Poly Phan - (PoLee)
President / Creative Director

I wanted to thank you for a job well done. This is exactly what I was looking for... I am not sorry I trusted you, I was a little hesitant at first but you guys came through. Give my thanks to everyone,

Douglas Hooper

Call to appear here soon! 1-877-453-2011


I must say both products are outstanding; Everyone I show them to is blown away. Thank you and your team.

Most sincerely,
Eric Ssebanakitta

Mr. Bryan Howe, I would like to say thank you for your companies assistance in our Business Plan and logo design! Your staff did a great job, especially Paige and Matt. Both were very easy and patient to work with. Both had great personalities, and very professional! I would also like to thank their support staff for all the hard work and fast returns with feedback when needed!

Thanks again, keep up the great work!

Jon Holmes & Tammy Berardo
Jersey Shore Aquatics

Marisa -

Thanks so much for putting together my plan. As I mentioned before, my bank was impressed... I close next week.


Tom, you were right about the need to have a plan in general. It has helped me create a foundation that I can carry forward. I just didn't know how to get started. Now I have the basis for tracking growth and a well defined budget. Since I'm not a chart and graph person, this will be a great starting place.

Thanks again for the plan! Have a great 2010.

Take care,
Brenda Griffin


We can't thank you enough for such an outstanding job. The quality and attention to detail shown stands out the most for me personally and not only that, it captures everything and more that we had expected. We will make a few minor changes to some of the numbers in the projections and turn it back over to you rather quickly for a final run.

Great job!

GreenEnergy Works LLC
Daniel Terrelonge

Hi Marisa,

...We look forward to working with you as we finalize this plan. We both are extremely impressed and satisfied with all you have done. Thanks for making this an educating and simple process...

Best Regards,
Carl and Michelle

Call to appear here soon! 1-877-453-2011


The plan looks great, everything I expected and more! I am very impressed. I will start with the revision process.
Thanks for all the hard work.



As your physician, which you surely need now, I am advising some intensive head clearing time, a little extra sleep and a night out for dinner to celebrate. I think you truly deserve a night to celebrate and if I were there I would buy you dinner. I will once again say that I have not had the pleasure to work with someone in the past on a project of mine who committed as much to the process as I did. Elizabeth, Mary and I have all agreed that we were extremely fortunate to be paired with you to assist us out of probably several other possibilities. Everyone I have spoken to has again had nothing but the best to say and feel fortunate to have you on our team with this challenge. You are a true professional but we are giving you an open invitation to keep in touch anytime as a friend to see what we accomplish with this.

Thank you again and best regards,
Joe, Lizzy and Mary


I wanted to thank you for your continued efforts to please, you Master Planners are great! This draft is very close to the vision I had, it's amazing what a few small changes will make. I'll review and get back to you Monday, but I think we're just about done. Have a wonderful weekend!

Matthew Perkins

Hope you had a great, happy new year. Mine is very, very happy after I received the approval letter from SBA on our application yesterday. ...
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the whole team at Masterplans that was instrumental in preparing the business plan. I can say for sure, the first time I saw the draft, I knew it was a winner. There was no modification, very, very impressive. Would and will recommend you to anyone interested in this kind of service.
I thank you very much for your excellent work and please thank everyone including Bryan. ...

Yours, Truly
Muchemi Kamanja E.

Thanks Marisa! It has been a pleasure working with you guys! I will be recommending you all to all my contacts and to everyone in my professional network. Thanks!

Shawn Nixon

Call to appear here soon! 1-877-453-2011

Thank you ever so much Paige! ...

Honestly I can't thank you enough ... you & the entire staff over at MasterPlans have been nothing but the very best to work with and all of the professionalism that you've provided in getting us as far as you have has really paid off ...

I sincerely hope that you and the entire Paige family have a safe and wonderful Christmas & Happy New Year!


Wahoo! I love it. I have a made one or two small changes, and would like to see two of the graphs changed a bit. But I really couldn't be much happier....
I hope you had a great holiday. And tell your team I really appreciate the job they did.


Hey Marisa,

Again my humble and profound thank you for your knowledge, your efficiency and your professionalism in turning out this—to me—impressive financial analysis. Not just a set of charts, but thoughtfully constructed with my unique situation in mind, responsive to my intention even when I was clueless how to express it.

I'm wowed and charmed and deeply grateful,

Dear Mr. Dean:

My team and I want to take a moment to extend our sincerest thanks to you and your team for the hard work, dedication, and professionalism that was displayed throughout the writing process of our business plan.

With the help of our awesome Project Manager, Morgan Hrejsa we were able to develop our raw ideas into a working concept and finally into a business plan that is ready to be presented to just about any financial institution.

We will keep you posted as we secure our funding and move forward with the details of our plan. The future looks bright and we want to acknowledge your contribution to this rosy outlook.

Thanks again for being a trusted partner and advisor.

William R. Donato
Executive VP of Business Relation

Thanks Brent,

you and your team have done a outstanding job on my business plan. I am very pleased.
you now have my approval on the acceptance of my business plan.

Gary Monteer

Call to appear here soon! 1-877-453-2011


I hope all is well with you.

I just funded the distillery project!

I am grateful that you were able to help.

I will keep you informed with how things develop.

Brad Irwin

Hi Bryan,

I wanted to let you know that your team was AWESOME!!! Morgan, Kelly and Mahesh are truly an asset to your company. They were extremely professional, timely and pleasant!!! And most importantly...their work on my business plan was incredible. Please commend them on my behalf as they exceeded my expectations.


I really appreciate the fact that you will be taking time from your busy schedule to review my plan. I look forward to your feedback.

Best regards,
Ray Alonso

Thanks so much Paige- and it will be my pleasure to recommend your service to other businesses that are in need of a Business Plan.

Very truly,
Michael Cross

Dear Morgan and team,

I would just like to take this opportunity to say "PRINT"!!!! It is perfect. It appears to be very realistic and accurate and I think you guys have done a wonderful job. I will use you again in the future and recommend your services to anyone that wants this type of high quality workmanship and dedication to customer service. Thank you so much! If any further revisions have to be made it will be by whatever a lender may ask for. Personally, I think it is flawless.

Morgan, thank you again so much for working patiently with me and explaining to me the components that I did not understand. You run a top notch operation. Please express my appreciation and gratitude to your team as well.

Cynthia Johnson

Paige, good morning:

I am very impressed. You did a hell of a job in a very limited time frame. Thank you.

With renewed thanks.

Call to appear here soon! 1-877-453-2011

I received my plans yesterday, and just wanted to say thank you again. They are perfect. You guys are great. I look forward to being added to your roster of successful clients.

Thanks again,
LaDella Robles

Hi Morgan,

I recieved the draft - thank you. I looked it over and didn't see anything that I wanted to change. I also had someone fron the Womens Business Center at SBA look at it yesterday and they said they wouldnt recommend any changes either. I'm happy with it the way it is, so there won't need to be any revisions.

I would like to thank you and your staff for all of your help with this project.

Marie Lee

Thanks William

Again I need to tell you that both my accountant and Burl Troyer Vice President of Small Business Development for First Source bank raved aobut the business plan and its professionalism, I couldn't have done it without you!!

thanks again


Here is the document with revisions. I must say the work you folks have done is fantastic. I do want to discuss some of the expenses. I have to make small adjustments to the data so now all the numbers in the spreadsheet will change. We can talk later today if possible.


Hello Marisa,

Those last two corrections finished it! I've re-read and re-crunched the numbers and everything balances great!

Thank you for hanging in there Marisa till we got it right. It's a beautiful plan and I think it will be very effective when it's presented to the banks. Please ship me those bound copies you mentioned. The mailing address is:

If I know anyone else that is looking for help on their plan I'll make sure to mention Thanks again Marisa!


Call to appear here soon! 1-877-453-2011

Thanks Morgan and you are the BEST. You've always been so willing to help me. it's great to have a project manager like you. I will make sure in my referrals the have them ask for you. Since i'm working with you and I see us working well together or have worked well together. In spite of all my questions or changes. Once my business model change, I'm sure when I have you guys to do investors; I should not have so many questions. I should understand the process and model better.

I'm just really trying to stay on top of everything; so I will be successful I do feel with everything the business will do well and we will come out on top. of course with much work and I'm not a stranger to Work.

Again thank you and your help is greatly appreciated.


Hi Marisa,

Attached are the final edits for the business plan. They are minor text changes.

Please let me know the next steps and when we can expect the final product.

It has been a pleasure working with and I would recommend your services to anyone.

Andy Howard
Executive Director

Hello Marisa,

Thanks a million - Okay, it's done - you get the green light!
I do believe you and your team have done a fine job for us, and I hope this BP will get us the financing we are seeking. I do appreciate your efforts on all the back and forth, thanks again for stepping up to bat for me.

Please remind me as to what format the final 'hard copies' will be? and when can I expect to receive it?

Best Regards,


Awesome job on the business plan. I am a little confused by the financial numbers, so you might need to explain those to me in laymen's terms.

I did update and add some additional web packages and additional fees. Stuff that came up during a webinar I attended last night.


My apologies for the delayed reply. I have been attempting to get more focus and substantive feedback from my colleagues on the plan before signing off as final, but things move at a different speed in Montana. At this point, I will approve this version as final. Given that this is an internal document, I suspect my colleagues, over the next few months, will have comments and changes and use this as a more living document, so we will have to manage that internally. Given that I expect changes, I'm not sure printed and bound copies are necessary at this point. So, the only remaining request I would have is for any backup files used to generate the excel tables. Other than that, I approve this version as final, and I thank you and your team for generating such a high-quality product in a relatively short time period. Thanks.


Call to appear here soon! 1-877-453-2011

Hi Brent,

Thanks for the great business plan that your company has built for us, we would be very happy to come back with our success achievements.

Have a great day and stay inspired.

Very Respectfully.
John Phillip.

OTHERWISE....this is a really professional, sharp and beautiful plan. I am really excited to have it because it makes me feel organized and more prepared to seek funding.

The numbers seem very obtainable and not out of the ballpark.

It's worth ten times what you charge just to get the computer to do the graphs and numbers! I WILL RECOMMEND YOUR COMPANY!

THANKS to the entire team for their quick and well written work. I am really liking the whole thing.

Hi Brent,

I think it all looks great. Let's go ahead and get it printing. I'm going to see if I can get you the close to final logo, any possiblity of adding it to the front page?

You have been just great to work with. Thanks for all your help and time.


Hey Brent,

Thanks for your time yesterday....I FINALLY understand what we were talking about:) It makes perfect sense looking at it as "Billable" Units.

Everything looks amazing and we feel the plan is ready to go to FINAL print and Presentation mode. Per your request, please send the printed copis and presentation to the following address:

We are very excited to receive the printed versions. We already have two investors who are awaiting them....Also, can you please send us the list we had talked about of additional Angel Investors and VC's.....Thanks so much for all you have done. It is greatly appreciated.

Talk to a team member today.

A business planning professional will respond shortly.

Yes, I'm human and want to be contacted.
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