Competitive Edge

Consulting with Masterplans will give your business plan a competitive edge over other business plans. The business plan consultants at Masterplans are experts at writing business plans for all types of businesses. When it comes to writing the section about your business' competitive edge, we need to know everything that you know about your competition. Business plan consultants know how to make your ideas sound well thought-out to a banker who will look at your business plan carefully to make sure that you have considered the competition that your business will face. What sorts of things can you do to help this section be written as well as possible?

First of all, find out exactly who your competition is; every single company that is in competition with you. List the names, addresses and distance from your proposed place of business in miles and minutes, and any other relevant measurement to your situation. Next, find out the other businesses' strengths and weaknesses. These need to be emphasized in your business plan as highly as possible. The business plan consultants at Masterplans know how to make the competition sound poor enough to virtually guarantee your success in the eyes of a banker.

Visit your competition. Describe each business in detail, and describe every way in which your business will be better. Make sure to be realistic here. Do not say that you will do something better that is obviously going to be a big money pit and not bring in more business in some other way. Be specific in the ways in which your company will be better than the rest. Almost every type of business has competition, but your company can find a way to creatively be better than all your competition. If you think of something completely new, that the competition hasn't even thought of, the business plan consultants at MasterPlans know how to talk up that advantage in a way that will entice a banker to give you the loan you need.

What sorts of things can you find to do that will be better than your competition? Think of basic customer service policies, like return policy, and gift card rules. If a customer at one of your competitors' shops was unhappy with their policies, then they will be more likely to come to you instead, if your policies are different. Make your business' environment and customer service better. Offer products and services that the competition does not. The business plan consultants at Masterplans can use all of this information to ensure that your business plan gets funded.