Sales Strategy

If you are in business, then chances are you have to sell. Creating a sales strategy is oftentimes a daunting strategy for an entrepreneur and even more complicated for a business plan writer that is completely removed from your business. The first step is to understand how to develop a sales strategy so that you can convey that to your business plan writer. The goal of your sales strategy should be to: outsell your competitors by offering a superior solution; shorten the cycle of sales; improve loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing; and increase the close ration by learning the clients "hot buttons."

Like any strategy, a sales strategy begins with research. You, the entrepreneur, must work to gather insight into the behavior and reactions of your market segment. With this a good business plan writer should be able to help you devise a written strategy in your business plan.

One example of a business that we worked with to develop a sales strategy was a dry cleaning company in Miami, Florida. The downtown Miami market was flooded with small mom & pop dry cleaners and some regional brand name companies. Our client decided to focus their business on high-end urban customer living in high-rise condominiums and town homes. As savvy business plan writers and consultants, we suggested working with the homeowners associations of the buildings that these potential customers lived to find out the needs of the tenants.

With regard to dry cleaning, these urban Miami residents had to walk their dry cleaning down the street to the nearest dry cleaner and then walk home again on their way to or from work, or they had to drive to the dry cleaner, only to circle the block due to a lack of adequate parking. Armed with this information, the light went on in the client's head. He immediately began forming relationships with homeowners associations to gain access to these buildings in order to sell their exclusive dry cleaning delivery and pickup service.

The business plan writer's job was made much easier by being able to construct a compelling sales strategy, but also strategy also became a competitive advantage in the business plan. The rest, as we like to say, was entrepreneurial history.