Business plan writers.

Are you interested in learning more about business plan writers? This page explores whether or not you should hire a business plan writer, and what business plan writers do in greater detail. The following topics are covered:

The Pros and Cons of Hiring A Business Plan Writer.

There are many benefits to hiring a professional business plan writer. One of the primary reasons entrepreneurs choose to contract a professional to write their business plan is because they lack the time and expertise to do it themselves. In that case, hiring someone who's written numerous business plans before and who knows what an investor or lender is looking for makes the most sense. Here are some of the primary advantages of hiring a business plan writer:

  • Experience writing business plans
  • Exceptional writing skill
  • Adept at working with numbers and words
  • Saves time
  • Familiarity with the funding process
  • Professional, polished plan

On the flip side, some entrepreneurs prefer to create their own business plan. In that case, hiring a business plan writer doesn't make as much sense. If you're thinking about writing your own business plan, there may be more cons to working with a professional writer. These may include:

  • Cost
  • Created by someone not as familiar with your business

However, unless an entrepreneur has worked on business plans before, the benefits of hiring a business plan writer typically outweighs the negatives. As many entrepreneurs will tell you, one of the hardest parts of starting a small business is actually writing the business plan. That's because business plans must not only be comprehensive and persuasive, but they must also be well-written. Many entrepreneurs use their business plans to seek funding for their start-up company, which makes it even more critical that the document is done the correctly. For that reason, many entrepreneurs chose to hire a professional business plan writer to create their business plan for them.

What Kind of Education Does A Business Plan Writer Have?

business plan writers typically have received a relatively broad education. Nearly all of them have college degrees in fields such as English, writing, marketing, statistics, or business. Many business plan writers even have advanced degrees, such as Master's in writing or MBAs (Master of Business Administration). Studying these particular topics has given most business plan writers skills that are key to developing a professional plan. These include:

  • Exceptional writing ability
  • Attention to detail
  • Experience with extensive research
  • Ability to work with statistics and data
  • Expertise working with numbers and making advanced calculations
  • Familiarity with marketing

business plan writers tend to be unique individuals in that they possess both the ability to write well and to work with numbers. One of the reasons many entrepreneurs hire a professional business plan writer is because most people don't naturally have both skill sets. Having such expertise in multiple areas is what makes a professional business plan writer so attractive. While some of that ability is natural, it is also in part the result of a broad education that has covered writing, mathematics, statistics, marketing, and business.

Careers In Business Plan Writing.

Do you think you have what it takes to work as a business plan writer? If you're interested in a pursuing a career as a professional business plan writer you must possess multiple skills. In most cases, you also must hold a college degree. Beyond that, some of the proficiencies you must have include:

  • Excellent writing ability
  • Adept with numbers
  • Ability to perform thorough research
  • Extensive business knowledge

If these are areas where you do well, then a career in business plan writing may be something you should consider. Business plan writers have several options when it comes to securing a job. These include the following:

  • Working as an independent contractor
  • Seeking employment with a business plan writing company

Because business plan writing is a growing field, and because there's no shortage of entrepreneurs who need business plans, there are jobs available in this field. While they tend to be highly competitive, if you're a talented writer who is interested in business it is a career worth pursuing. The payoff is helping entrepreneurs with exciting new business ideas succeed!

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