Email Hosting

We at Masterplans have an understanding of what goes into planning for email hosting. Your company is likely to need to host email for its employees. This can increase the efficiency of communications. If your company already has an email hosting solution, it is important to include that information in your small business plan, just as you need to include all relevant information to your business.

There are many companies that will help your company choose an email hosting solution. This service can be very inexpensive, depending on your needs, but not free. Get in touch with one of these companies to assess what your email hosting needs really entail, which hosting service will best meet those needs, and how much it will cost. Then provide MasterPlans with that information, so that we can make sure that we include it in your small business plan. When lenders look at your small business plan, they are impressed by the forethought you have put into the details of running your business operation. This shows that you are not just dreaming—your company is serious about working and knows how it will appropriate any funds received, even to the smallest detail.

Email hosting solutions can offer much more than just a server with email accounts. Many of them come complete with domain name hosting—an incredibly important and favorable trait. When bank representatives see that your email hosting includes domain registration, and that you plan to use a company website for marketing, your small business plan has been instantly strengthened. Any fortification you can offer your small business plan is in order, because the stronger your plans, the more likely you are to receive the funding you need to start your company, or to take it to the next level.

The services that you need to compare when searching for email hosting include the following: number of domain names that are included, how much web space will be offered, in gigabytes, how many email accounts can be created, and what the transfer volume is, also measured in gigabytes. These are the basics, but different companies will offer many accessories, which also need to be evaluated for their usefulness to your company. These can include, but are not limited to, the following: website building software, photo galleries, security tools, search engine tools, website statistics trackers, and many more. Research what each program really is, and how it can help your company.