Leasing a Building

The business plan writers at MasterPlans can help you with one of the toughest aspects of starting a new business. A document of such high importance can be an intimidating prospect for an entrepreneur, whose skill set may not include professional or technical writing. One aspect of your business that needs to be addressed in your business plan is whether you plan to lease the building you will work from. This is a very important consideration, because the lease or mortgage on your office will be one of your largest expenses.

Professional business plan writers like the ones at MasterPlans have experience writing business plans for businesses that plan to lease their space and those that plan to buy their space. It is very important to list the company's monthly expenses in the financial sections of a business plan. Business plan writers that do not include this information will be highly unlikely to receive funding.

How does one go about making the decision of whether or not to lease the property a business will work from? Professionals usually recommend that new business owners lease their real estate for many reasons. One of the best reasons for leasing is that owning real estate involves maintenance and stress—two things that new business owners definitely do not need to deal with. Starting a business will take up all of your time. You do not need any extra hassle taking your focus away from where it needs to be.

That said, the business plan writers at MasterPlans know of many other reasons that you may want to lease your business space at first. For one thing, real estate prices are at an all time high, making buying expensive, and there are so many buildings for rent that will meet most business' specifications, that there should be no problem finding a space.

There is one situation where a new business owner would be well advised to buy property. That situation is when the business owner already has experience managing property. Such an investor is likely to have experience buying and maintaining properties, dealing with all of the financial burdens that come with owning real estate, and managing tenants.

Contact the business plan writers at MasterPlans for help writing your business plan. For more information on the subject of leasing real estate vs. buying real estate, a great resource is Inc.com.