Leasing Vehicles

Leasing a vehicle is crucial to a business that is highly dependent on mobility, but does not have the cash on hand to buy the necessary automotive transportation. A business plan consultant can point you in the right direction, however, for companies that will lease the right kind of vehicle that will be tailor made for your business. But now you may be wondering at what point would a consultant recommend leased vehicles for a business plan. Well, you're in luck, because a business plan consultant will recommend it when you tell him or her you're ready to lease your fleet of vehicles!

You must be entirely cognizant of several considerations when you considering leasing vehicles, however. First and foremost, insurance will be an issue (as it always is). There will be some dealers who will require you to heighten your insurance. You will only be leasing the vehicles, and they will own them. You should also confer with your business plan consultant about how much of a down payment you want to place for these automotive windfalls. After all, you don't want to overpay. Your business plan consultant will also be the right person to remind you of any and all state taxes. Unless you live in a tax-free state, be prepared to set aside funds for taxes. What if you see a darn good price on a used vehicle in the lot? You should definitely compare it to the leasing price; you don't want to end up paying for a lemon just because you would rather buy than lease. You should also be very cautious about mileage limits, especially if the dealer is going to charge exorbitantly for every mile you go over the limit.

Another item you need to work out with your business plan consultant is what kind of vehicle you will need. You have a cornucopia of choices, with minivans, pick-up trucks, passenger cars, and even SUVs. Speaking of choices, you should keep your options limited to basics like air conditioning and power locks. There's no need to lease vehicles with too many bells and whistles. Finally, pick a reliable leasing company, one who preferably does business with your dealer on a regular basis. You can even ask your trusted bank or credit union about a fleet leasing program.