Legal Representation

Business plan writers find legal representation for clients all the time. After all, you never know when you're going to need legal representation. Business plan writers will help you narrow the type of legal problem or issue you have. Obviously, legal representation will help you form your business. Lawyers can help you determine how to best structure your company. For example, should your new business be a Limited Liability Company (LLC), a Sole Proprietorship (SP), a partnership, or a corporation? And if you choose to incorporate, should you be a C-type corporation or an S-type? Lawyers will help you make the best choice, based on your tax situation, partnership situation, and how you envision the future of your company.

Lawyers can also help you to figure out the name of your business and what name you will be doing business under (i.e. the "public name" of your business.) Business plan writers will also help you find legal representation in order for you to resolve any and all legal problems that you may face as a business owner. For instance, if there is a break-in or attempted burglary at your place of business, a lawyer can help you determine your monetary compensation. Business plan writers can also point you to the right legal representation if your company was faced with financial problems. They can help you file for bankruptcy protection, for instance.

Many disputes don't require the presence of a lawyer (you could always enter mediation or arbitration), but many business plan writers recommend lawyers to look over any kind of paperwork or legal plan. As previously mentioned, they can also help you to resolve any lingering tax or filing questions. Business plan writers also recommend legal representation if you choose to create a not-for-profit business. Non-profit organizations are generally not taxed because of their fine contributions to society at large.

At the end of the day, business plan writers recommend legal representation for business owners because it just makes good business sense.