Television Ad

Many people ask us how to market with television. Television marketing can be considered one of the most complex and costly forms of marketing to implement in your business plan if you are suggesting to market any further than your hometown. With television marketing, advertising campaigns can range from Direct-Television placement (DRTV), to product placement, to normal commercials and much, much more.

If your business plan calls for the placement of ads on television, you better get ready for a significant and regular expense on your Profit & Loss statement. You will probably contract with one or more companies and work through a series of processes in order to properly place your commercial. Your business plan will likely need to reflect an employee whose sole responsibility is to direct the production of your television ad campaign. Their first task will be to work with the management to retain a production company. The business should plan to work with the production company through several steps to develop the commercial including: project information gathering, creative development, pre-pre production, shot list and production estimate approval, pre-production, production, post production and editing, and mastering and duplication.

Depending upon the size of the marketing budget in the business plan and the geographic or demographic market you are targeting, will determine the process by which you air the commercial. Many businesses plan to use a media buying agent to purchase airing time across several channels/agencies. Media buying agents purchase ad time for your company. It is good to speak with a media buying agent about costs for specific marketing avenues before you add any type of national television advertising to the budget of your business plan.

If you are planning to place a television ad on a local level, the process is similar but on a much smaller scale. Also, rather than a media buying agent, you will most likely be contacting the station or agency direct. Either way, television advertising needs to be a very detail oriented and planned venture in your business plan in order for it to draw the revenue desired.