Direct Mail

The benefits of direct mail in your business plan cannot be stated strongly enough. Your business plan is the first official document to be associated with your business, and each company's business plan needs to include any marketing tools the company plans to use. At MasterPlans, we build your business plan with the utmost attention to details, especially those which strengthen your business plan; namely, everything you plan to do to market your product or service. We make sure your business plan is comprehensive, because we know that it increases your company's chances of securing funding.

Direct mail is a fantastic way to reach more customers and improve your business. When you use direct mail, you essentially partner with the US Postal Service, thus gaining the benefit of the USPS' phenomenal ability to reach the public at large. The USPS states that 98% of Americans bring mail into their house the same day it is delivered. This is a powerful advertising tool. Customers not only see your advertisement, but they must hold it in their hand at least for an instant when looking through their mail. They cannot help but notice your company's advertisement.

There are many forms of direct mail available for your company's use. Free samples of products can be sent through the mail. Free samples can even be used for software companies. The software can be sent out in the form of a CD, which is even more noticeable if the CD is not the typical size and shape. Flashy advertisements designed to attract attention can be sent on card stock or similar heavy-weight paper. Catalogs can be sent out as well as envelopes addressed with the recipient's real name. Another noticeable form of direct mail is a dimensional mailer which just means the mailing is three dimensional, like a box or CD case. Perhaps the most efficient form of direct mail is using intelligent documents, which are only sent to people who may be interested based on database information.

The USPS boasts that one of the greatest benefits of using direct mail is that the results are measurable. Your business can track the results of the campaign it used by finding out how many responses you received from it. Using direct mail is also a relatively cost effective approach to advertising. It can be much cheaper than a television advertisement. For more information on direct mailing, including some inspirational success stories, the USPS website is a great resource.