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You’ve got vision—but investors demand more than a great idea. Get your best shot at funding with a comprehensive business plan tailored to your investor’s needs. Our plans go beyond basic guidelines. They’re built from the ground up and proven to work.

What Investors Really Want

We raised $1.5 million with this [plan] so far…and are closing another $500,000! Thanks a million (more like $2M).

Seth Besmertnik

After more than 20 years and over 18,000 business plans, we know exactly what investors look for in a business plan, including:

Robust financial projections
Compelling market data
Realistic capitalization needs and use of funds
A premium design and PowerPoint pitch deck

Why our plans work

Our team of industry experts is devoted to each section of your business plan, from dedicated market researchers and financial modelers to strategists and writers. Plus:
Get your business plan in as little as 7 days.
Collaborate with an experienced project manager who will manage your team.
You’re guaranteed on-time delivery. We never miss a deadline.
It’s always a good investment to work with Masterplans. We raised $1 million from an outside investor...Whether it’s a VC firm or an angel investor, [a business plan] really helps with credibility.

Jim Chiasson
AMP Sport

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All investor-ready business plan presentations are fully designed by
our in-house graphic design team.

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