Masterplans Sample Business Plan: Kirby/Lee Solutions

CONFIDENTIAL – Do Not Distribute Without Permission 25 STRATEGY & IMPLEMENTATION SUMMARY Prior to beginning operations, Kirby/Lee will develop a brand identity that communicates its core values of providing customized technology services that help businesses grow. The Company’s cohesive brand identity, including its memorable logo, design of its website, and all other marketing collateral, will transmit a clear message of these values to the clients and guide the development of marketing campaigns. Kirby/Lee plans to utilize a digital marketing approach leveraging its website and search advertising, as well as online and in-person networking opportunities designed to reach decision makers at small, medium, and large-sized businesses. After establishing a base of clients, Kirby/Lee will benefit immensely from word-of- mouth referrals generated through the quality work and conscientious service the Company provides. According to information from Imagination Publishing, word of mouth recommendations are one of the two most influential sources of information for B2B audiences, along with industry-specific thought leaders, which the Company’s owners are. 21 OBJECTIVES The Company has identified the following objectives and benchmarks as it begins operations: Short-term • Recruit top-end developers with a range of specialties (languages, platforms, etc.) • Establish itself as a trusted source of IT consulting services • Use IT consulting services to create a base of clients for application development, project management, and IT staffing services • Build a base of clients large enough to sustain business Long-term • Enhance its client base to sustain the business and support its growth objectives • Generate enough revenue to expand operations • Facilitate expansion by opening offices in additional cities 21 Rolfes, Rebecca. “23 things you didn’t know about b2b content marketing.” Imagination . April 10, 2017. Source: