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Flyers and Door Hangers

Any type of "cold calling" can be a risky endeavor. Going door to door to sell your wares is a less lethal version of Russian Roulette—at least one person in six is going to get angry that you're knocking on their door and taking up their time with what amounts to a shill. Not only does it cost you a sale (or several), but it can demoralize you and ruin your day. Yet, if your business plan features a strong direct sales component, door-to-door sales are necessary. Your business plan must address how you plan to reach the most number of people. Thankfully, there are other methods of door-to-door advertising: leaving a flyer or door-hanger.

Flyers and door hangers are positive ways of getting your product and service message across without taking the risk of annoying someone. In fact, the flyer portion of your business will make it easy to avoid houses completely: you can just stick a flyer on your target market's car, truck, or van! This plan to use flyers and door hangers will make all the difference in the world if, for instance, you are a car salesman.

So, once you've decided to incorporate flyers and door hangers into your business plan, you should decide on what style, card stock, and color to use. You want paper with just the right kind of weight, so it does fly away in a tiny breeze. If you're on a budget, if you use black-and-white paper, you will save a considerable amount of money. Another important thing to keep in mind is to choose the right time of day to distribute your flyers and door hangers. If you live in a high-traffic area, choose times between commutes and before children come home from school. Your business plan should definitely include a paragraph or two on your distribution strategy.

Ultimately, flyers and door hangers will alleviate a great deal of stress from selling your product or service. When added to your business plan, it will add a unique component to your strategy and will be another way to get customers to take notice of your company.

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