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Craft A Compelling Investor Proposal

Business Plans for VC & Angel Investors

A well-developed business plan is essential for securing venture capital and angel investment, from the seed round to Series A and beyond.

Business Plan for Venture Capital & Angel Investors
Template for an Investor Business Plan
Make your Startup Stand-out

Securing the Investment You Need Starts with an Outstanding Business Plan

A well-written document isn't enough to impress today's seasoned investors.

Your business plan should clearly convey the problems faced by your target customer and how you intend to solve them, highlight your market opportunity, and demonstrate scalability and profitability.

For over two decades, Masterplans has specialized in creating investor-focused business plans tailored to the evolving demands of venture capitalists, angel investors, family offices, and private equity firms.

“It’s always a good investment to work with Masterplans, whether it’s [for] a VC firm or an angel investor.

It’s being wise about your time, energy, and money. It's a no-brainer."

Jim Chiasson, Entrpreneur & Founder

Jim Chiasson
Founder, AMP

Why Entrepreneurs Trust Masterplans

With 18,000+ business plans crafted across diverse industries, here's why savvy entrepreneurs consistently choose to partner with us when seeking an equity investor.

Expert Business Planning

Experience & Expertise

For over two decades, Masterplans' business plan consultants have consistently helped founders transform a business idea into a clear, investor-ready business proposal.

Award-Winning Firm

Award-Winning Excellence

Our dedication to quality and client satisfaction is paramount. We will craft a winning business plan that will stand out by offering valuable insights for investors.


Proven Track Record

Our approach is grounded in data, making your startup business plan more than just a hopeful vision – it's a practical roadmap you can implement to achieve your goal.

Approach investors confidently

Navigate the Investment Landscape with Precision

We turn complexity into clarity, saving you time and headaches.

For startups or companies seeking to scale, securing investment requires a business plan that presents precise information that's written in the investor's language. This includes evidence of your company's growth potential, alignment with industry trends, and a solid foundation built on an innovative business model .

At Masterplans, our tried and true business planning process allows us to translate your vision into a compelling narrative, allowing you to focus on building your business.

With a business plan from Masterplans, a business owner can approach multiple investors with confidence, knowing that your plan exceeds the expectations of savvy investors .


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Template for Angel Investor Business Plan

Key Sections of a Business Plan for VC & Angel Investors

Each section is structured so venture capitalists & angel investors can easily find what they need, while ensuring a cohesive, consistent, and comprehensive overview of your venture.

Executive Summary

Executive Summary

The Executive Summary provides a concise yet compelling snapshot of your venture , ensuring investors immediately grasp its potential and viability. In addition, it lays out the investment proposal based on industry-standard valuation methods. While an Executive Summary should be able to stand on its own, it should leave a potential investor wanting to learn more.

Company Overview

Company Overview

The company description is pivotal in illuminating not just your business model and details on your products and services, but also your revenue model — how you intend to monetize these solutions. This section will also shed light on the distinct problems your offerings solve for the customer, articulate your unique value proposition and mission statement, and outline your day-to-day operations plan for a holistic understanding of the venture.

Market Analysis

Market Analysis

Masterplans utilizes industry-leading market research tools, including Statista, IBISWorld, and Esri's Business Analyst, to offer a comprehensive market analysis and competitive analysis. These tools guide us in identifying your competitive advantage in the market landscape. We illuminate metrics vital for investors, such as the size of the target market and your projected market share. Moreover, this level of market research translates directly into developing your marketing plan.

Strategy & Implementation

Strategy & Implementation

Partnering with Masterplans equips you with a straightforward and actionable strategy that clearly details how your business will achieve its business goals and outperform competitors. We outline how your business will attract potential customers by crafting a robust omni-channel marketing strategy. In addition, a good business plan for investors will discuss the promotional, sales, and customer experience strategies that will transform your startup into a thriving enterprise.

Management Summary

Management Team

Your Management Summary will emphasize the strengths, expertise, and experience of your leadership. This goes beyond mere titles; it delves into the importance of business administration in shaping strategic decisions and the pivotal role of human resource in crafting a company culture and building a cohesive team. By showcasing the individuals who drive your business, Masterplans ensures that prospective investors understand the depth of capability and commitment behind your venture.

Financial Projections

Financial Projections

Masterplans will develop a detailed five-year financial plan with realistic financial projections based on industry benchmarks. This includes an income statement, a cash flow statement, and z balance sheet; each financial statement is instrumental in showcasing your business's potential profitability. Through a unit-driver-based financial forecast, we underscore the robustness of your startup, providing a potential investor with a clear picture of its financial viability.

I highly recommend Masterplans to help prepare for a capital raise. My business plan was focused and polished. 

I’m happy to say we raised our seed capital of $3 million [and later a $10.2 million Series B] and added three strategic board members to our team.

Yenvy Truong, Founder & Entrepreneur

Yenvy Truong
Founder, HealthSnap

Going Beyond The Business Plan

Polished Deliverables Make for a Stronger Pitch

In addition to developing a comprehensive startup business plan, we also offer a suite of customized materials designed to maximize your impact with venture capitalists and angel investors.

A business plan is only one part of a strong investor proposal; a standout pitch deck is your foot in the door. From a custom designed one-pager to a stand-alone executive summary, we ensure every piece of your pitch arsenal is sharp and impactful.

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Our Latest Investor-Ready Projects

For over 21 years, we've had the privilege of collaborating with clients across every industry. Below are just a few of the 18,000+ business plan projects we've worked on.


Morgan Hrejsa, VP of Plan Development at Masterplans

Morgan Hrejsa

VP of Plan Development

Since joining Masterplans in 2008, Morgan has specialized in creating business plans that investors take seriously.

She digs deeply into industry trends and competitor activities, ensuring each business plan is both factual and compelling. Utilizing specialized tools like ESRI software for demographic insights, she translates data and research into a narrative that adds a layer of depth to the business plans we develop. 

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 Angel & VC Investor Business Plan FAQs

 We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions to provide clarity on our service and process. If you don't find the answer to your specific question here, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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