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Get Investment Capital To Launch & Grow Your Startup

Angel investors and venture capitalists are in the business of maximizing their returns. Investors hear numerous pitches, and frequently the same concept from multiple entrepreneurs. They scrutinize everything about a business before they will invest in it. 

Masterplans helps founders turn business ideas into reality.

Getting investor funding is never easy, but by partnering with Masterplans, youll have 20 years of business planning experience on your side.

Written to Inform, Designed to Compel

To stand out from the crowd, investor business plans and pitch decks must well-researched, convincing, and polished, showing a level of sophistication that inspires confidence.

From the first time you communicate your elevator pitch to the final presentation of your plan, you must clearly convey how your company sees and solves problems or leverages trends, show you have a clear unbiased understanding of the opportunities within your target market, provide a compelling set of solutions, answer the all important question “why is now the right time for this company,” and demonstrate the benefits your users or customers will experience by hiring your products.

Masterplans collaborates with entrepreneurs every step of the way to ensure that the investor business plans we create include everything investors require.

This is why our award-winning team has helped our clients raise over $2.2 billion in debt and equity funding.

The fast-paced startup landscape is constantly evolving, which is why our team stays on top of all the latest trends. One constant, however, is that in order to attract investors financial backing, you must present them with accurate and timely information.

Our services are never templated and are always tailored to our clients and their unique needs. To us, your project isn’t just another item on a to-do list: our team truly cares about your success. Our team works hard to identify the key value proposition of every business, and to write about it with the same passion you have. 

We back that up with the hard numbers provided by our research resources and financial modelers, combining logic, passion, and authority to create an irresistible investor pitch.

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Our custom deliverables are never from a template and are tailored to the stage of investment you're pitching.

Pre-Seed Round

The goal of this round is to raise a small amount of capital (typically less than $1 million) that will be used to develop your Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Most early-stage startups prefer to remain small and agile, so this round of funding is often used to outsource labor rather than hire full-time employees.

Seed Round

Once a product is developed, it’s time to go-to-market. The seed round stage is a critical time for a startup. The funding from the seed round allows the startup to expand its to include additional personnel such as marketing and sales, customer service, and others. Depending on the industry and funding required, a startup at this stage may or may not need a traditional business plan. But even if your startup doesn’t, you will need to show investors your revenue streams, operating expenses, and capital expenses that will pave the way for your early adopters.

Series A & Series B (and Beyond)

Now that you’ve launched your startup, it’s time to scale. Investors expect to see impressive growth in Series A and later rounds, so you must demonstrate why and how you believe this will occur. Most investors at this stage look for a full business plan and financial projection based on the traction that has been already gained. A savvy founder will be ready to share what they've learned so far on their entrepreneurial journey, as well as how those lessons are influencing the decisions they're making now.

Not one-size-fits-all

Masterplans Investor-Ready Service Packages Include:

Growth Consulting

Our consultants take the time to fully comprehend your objectives and ensure that you are prepared to deliver an impressive pitch. Every pitch is unique, and it is essential to demonstrate to investors why you are the right person to launch the business and why now is the right time. Our process has been proven for over two decades to get you pitch-ready as quickly as possible.

Market Research

Investors want to know that you understand the market opportunity. We use industry-leading premium research tools such as IBISWorld, Esri, and Statista to help you demonstrate your company's potential to investors.

Funding Round Financials

An investor wants to know exactly how you intend to allocate the funds you are requesting.Our financial modelers develop full funding stage funding uses with cash burn deployment.

Executive Summary

Your executive summary will be a 5-7 page document that outlines the business proposition and will be written to pique the investor's interest by describing the problem you are solving, showing how your product solves it, and describing your target audience.

Lean Business Plan

For an early-stage business, you need a plan that is adaptable, nimble, and guides your growth journey. A Masterplans Lean+ Business Plan is a concise, actionable prospectus intended for executive and internal use.

5-Year Pro Forma

Our financial modelers will work with you to create a thoroughly researched 60-month financial model that depicts your timeline, revenue streams, personnel, cash burn, capital expenditures, and subsequent funding rounds and timing.

Traditional Business Plan

A traditional business plan is an essential document for later stage startups. Formally written and containing a number of charts, graphs, and illustrations, it is an exhaustive analysis of your company, the market, and your strategy.

Pitch Deck

Your pitch presentation is the most vital component of your investor materials. Our graphic designers will collaborate with you to create a pitch presentation that enhances your brand, captures and retains the attention of your audience, and effectively communicates your message.

Pre-Seed Round Seed Round Series A & Beyond
Growth Consulting
Market Research
Funding Round Financials
Executive Summary
Pitch Deck
Lean Business Plan
5-Year Pro Forma
Traditional Business Plan
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