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Tint World Rollout

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Business Plan for VC & Angel Investors, Business Plan for Bank & SBA Lending



Tint World Franchise Rollout Business Plan

Masterplans worked with a Tint World franchisee to create a dual-purpose business plan aimed at securing bank financing for franchise expansion in North and South Carolina. 

The objective was to articulate a compelling growth strategy for opening six new locations across both states. Leveraging existing successful franchisees in Fayetteville and Greensboro, North Carolina, the strategy aimed to add three more locations in each state. A meticulous market analysis was performed on six potential expansion locations, factoring in spending indices related to aftermarket automobiles. This data-driven approach helped identify the most lucrative sites for the new franchises.

This expansion plan was backed by Tint World's track record as one of the nation’s fastest-growing franchises.

Key Components of the Business Plan

  • Recent Market Trends: The business plan included an analysis of shifting behaviors among vehicle owners, specifically the trend toward retaining vehicles for longer periods, thereby bolstering the need for aftermarket upgrades. This was attributed to improved vehicle reliability and increased borrowing rates.
  • Rollout Strategy: An 18-month rollout plan was devised to balance efficiency with consistent quality and employee training. This timeline allows for manageable growth while ensuring operational excellence and affording debt obligations.
  • Multi-Channel Financing: The financial strategy was developed to maximize ROI by leveraging a combination of angel investors and SBA lending. This diversified approach optimized the capital stack and increased the likelihood of securing the necessary funds.

The business plan serves as a comprehensive blueprint for the Tint World franchise expansion in the Carolinas, providing the necessary groundwork to secure financing and operationalize the company's growth ambitions.

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Tint World Franchise Rollout Business Plan
Tint World Franchise Rollout Business Plan
Tint World Franchise Rollout Business Plan
Tint World Franchise Rollout Business Plan