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Our Process


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A timeline that makes sense for you

You, your business, and your audience are unique. Work on a timeline that suits your schedule and your needs. 

Kickoff & Discovery

Prepare Your Plan


Your business plan journey will begin with a one-on-one discovery with your team lead, where you’ll launch your project and share goals and details that will set us up for success. Then, our research and financial team will get to work on preliminary drafting and research required for your unique project. We’ll continue collaborative discovery sessions with you until we have a laser-focus on what you need to succeed. 

Discovery begins with a kickoff call with your dedicated project manager
Plan Development

Research. Model. Write.


During development, we’ll do the in-depth research needed to understand your market, industry and competitors (based on your business model). We’ll develop a well thought out financial model that illustrates details of your funding requirements, key assumptions for your specific business model and a detailed five year pro forma. Finally, we’ll write a narrative rich with relevant technical detail and story. 

During development, •	Your team of experts includes a dedicated project manager, copy writer, market researcher, and financial modeler
Refinement & Design

Finishing Touches

Great planning is an iterative process. Our team will work their magic to carefully weave in any adjustments or bits of inspiration you have after reviewing your first draft. When you approve your plan, we’ll deliver your final, edited plan in a clean and fully editable format so you can use it for years to come!

The team will work with you through drafts to incorporate your feedback and changes

Supporting your growth every step of the way

Our development teams are only a phone call away, so you can focus on leading your organization without limits. 

3.5 Weeks

Average Project Timeline

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The Only Inc. 500 Planning Company

2 Hour

Average Workday Response Time

Countless 5 star online reviews

An award-winning firm. Loved by clients. 

Based on 18,000+ client plans created

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