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Our Proprietary approach

Introducing Model-Based Planning™

Bridging the Gap Between Business Models and Business Plans

In conventional business planning, the unique intricacies of a business model are often overlooked. Our approach fills this gap by tailoring the planning process to the specifics of your business model, resulting in a robust, realistic, and flexible business plan.

Model-Based Planning™: Masterplans Approach to Business Plan Excellence
Complementary, but different

Business Plan Vs. Business Model

The business world often conflates the concepts of a business model and a business plan, but while they intertwine, they serve unique purposes.

A business model is the heartbeat of any venture, illuminating how an organization will create, deliver, and capture value.

It answers two fundamental questions:

  • Why does this business exist?
  • How will this business thrive?

On the other hand, a business plan acts as the roadmap, detailing the strategies, resources, and actions required to bring that model to life. It addresses the "how-to" of operationalizing the business model's conceptual framework.

Yet, in conventional business planning, the intrinsic uniqueness of each business model is frequently overlooked, leading to generic strategies that may not align with a company's true essence.

Recognizing this gap, we developed a fresh perspective:

What if, instead of forcing a business into a standardized planning mold, the business plan was sculpted around the business model?

The result is a harmonious blend where the plan and model not only coexist but amplify each other. When business planning respects and harnesses the distinctiveness of the model, strategies are more aligned, execution becomes more fluid, and businesses are poised for unparalleled success.

This synergy between the business plan and the business model is the foundation of true business excellence.

Revolutionizing how business planning is done

What is Model-Based Planning™?

Instead of relying on generic templates or one-size-fits-all questionnaires, Model-Based Planning™ leans into the uniqueness of every organization's business model.

We have identified over 350 unique business model categories and developed comprehensive databases of information pertaining to each one.

With Model-Based Planning™, the business planning process is flexible and dynamic, allowing for continuous refinement and adaptation as new information is obtained or circumstances change.

Model-based Planning™ saves you countless hours of planning time, allowing you to focus on what you do best: building your business.

Christina, Masterplans Team Leader, works on a business model

Begin Your Model-Based Planning™ Journey

Discover how our proprietary Model-Based Planning™ can elevate your business. Schedule a no-commitment, 30-minute consultation today.

Click the link below, and either Brent or William will promptly reach out to explore how Model-Based Planning™ can benefit your business planning project.

A Non-Linear Process

How Model-Based Planning™ Works

Conventional business planning methods often miss the mark. Model-Based Planning™ stands as our innovative solution, designed to centralize your distinct business model within the planning framework.

Here's a step-by-step breakdown of this structured system:

Step 1

Define The Primary Business Model

During our initial project phase, we undertake a detailed analysis of your organization. Through a comprehensive set of questions, we determine the 'primary' business model that aligns with your company's main value generation mechanism. This foundational understanding grants us access to our proprietary database, which houses over 350 (and growing) primary business model logic trees, ensuring that your business is contextualized appropriately.

Step 2

Identify Complementary Business Models

With a well-defined starting point, our discovery process shifts to a targeted dialogue. Our continuously updated logic tree allows us to identify and analyze companies with similar primary business models, drawing from their strategic insights. Whether we're introducing new strategic perspectives or refining your existing visions, our overarching goal remains: to construct a diversified, resilient, and informed business model that serves as the foundation for our planning endeavors.

Step 3

Research for Tactical Planning

After defining your unique business model, we activate our proprietary AI-driven methodologies. By accessing a suite of premium business intelligence and research databases, we gain insights into your customer base, industry dynamics, key trends, and optimal strategies tailored for your operation. This process goes beyond mere data collection; it aims to facilitate productive conversations, derive specific insights, and ultimately produce a business plan that is both robust and actionable.

Model Based Planning Example: Daycares & Preschools
A More Effective Way To Business Plan

Embracing the Future of Business

Model-Based Planning™ offers numerous advantages over conventional business plan writing. It's not just about creating a document – it's about laying the groundwork for the future. 

The Model-Based Planning™ approach allows us to quickly build a prototype of your business model, providing us with an evolving framework that we can adjust and refine as we gather more insights throughout the planning process. It helps us visualize the interconnections within your business and how changes can propagate through the model, thereby informing the development of your tactical business plan.

Focused & Personalized Business Plans

Focused & Personalized

Model-Based Planning™ allows us to delve deep into your unique business model, creating a plan that truly reflects the nuances and intricacies of your business.

Adaptable & Flexible Business Plans

Adaptable & Flexible

Businesses evolve, and your plan should too. Model-Based Planning™ produces a dynamic document that can be continuously refined and adapted as your business grows and changes.

Data-Backed Business Plans


Our approach is grounded in data, making your business plan more than just a hopeful vision – it's a practical roadmap to your goals. With over 350 unique business model categories, our plans are tailored to your specific industry and target market.

Future-Ready Business Plans


By focusing on your unique business model, Model-Based Planning™ helps you anticipate future challenges and opportunities, enabling you to adapt and thrive in changing business landscapes.

Fully Supported Business Plans

Full Support

Our commitment to your success doesn't end when your plan is delivered. We offer follow-up support and can adjust your plan as new data and insights emerge, ensuring your business plan remains a relevant and effective tool for your business.

With Model-Based Planning™ from Masterplans, you're not just getting a business plan.

You're planning for success.

Model Based Planning Example: Satellite & Launch Services

Embrace Your Business Future

See how our data-backed, adaptable Model-Based Planning™ can be your roadmap to success — schedule a no-commitment, 30-minute consultation today.

Click the link below and Brent or William will be in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss if Model-Based Planning™ is the right fit for your business planning project.

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