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Psynetix Laboratories

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Business Plan for VC & Angel Investors


SaaS, Public Safety, A.I.

Psynetix Laboratories Business Plan

Masterplans joined forces with Psynetix Laboratories, a Nashville-based intelligence software development company, to create a business plan aimed at raising capital. 

The primary objective of the business plan was to coherently express the company's groundbreaking methods for enhancing school and public safety via sophisticated screening and early intervention tools. The plan highlighted Psynetix’s innovative use of AI for generating predictive observational behavior profiles (OBP), boasting exceptional accuracy rates of up to 97%.

While law enforcement, military, and intelligence sectors were identified as the primary markets, the business plan also explored the platform’s adaptability for applications in education, healthcare, insurance, credit scoring, and internal HR divisions worldwide.

A well-defined exit strategy for a merger and acquisition (M&A) by a larger government contracting agency was outlined, providing investors with a clear vision of long-term profitability.

Key Components of the Business Plan

  • Diversified Revenue: The business plan detailed a multifaceted revenue approach, including tiered volume pricing and licensing, government contracts, and ongoing research and development initiatives.
  • Go-to-Market Strategy: The delivery strategy incorporated discussions of strategic partnerships for Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development. The plan underscored the management team’s extensive connections within the intelligence community, serving as a pivotal asset in the product’s market entry.
  • Addressable Market Analysis: A deep dive into spending across defense, intelligence, and school safety sectors was carried out to identify ideal markets for penetration.

The business plan, which ultimately secured $1.3 million in seed funding, sets Psynetix Laboratories on a trajectory for making substantial impacts in sectors ranging from public safety to corporate HR. With a clear strategy and financial model, Psynetix is well-positioned to advance its mission of fostering safer and more secure environments through data-driven solutions.

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