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Search Engine Cost Per Click

Cost-per-click (CPC) is one of the fastest growing and impacting methods modern businesses advertise. Why? CPC is the epitome of a "pull" campaign—placing your ad in front of the consumer when and where they are searching for a specific product. This is primarily due to the highly advanced algorithms created by the major search engines. For example, our business plan has our company targeting key-terms such as "business plan," "business plan writer," and a few more. With CPC, we control where our ad is placed on the search engine and for what key-terms. So when someone searching for a company to help them with their business plan, MasterPlans shows up at the top of the list.

Most modern business plans include cost-per-click in their marketing campaign. Google, being the largest search engine company on the planet, has also devised ways for the entrepreneur to track and subsequently plan their business's CPC campaign with a product called Urchin. The Urchin Campaign Tracking Module features Multi-Session Tracking, ROI Analysis, Goal Conversion, A/B Testing, Day Parts Reporting and Multi-Dimensional Comparisons to ensure that you are constantly able to react to trends in traffic and web-usability, thus constantly updating your business plan and marketing initiatives.

This enables you to constantly track the ROI of your CPC campaign across networks and key-terms. You can then remove key-terms that are not working, test key-terms or add key-terms as your business's products and services grow.

Every modern business plan should discuss your business's reaction and positioning to the Internet. We believe that every business can derive some brand recognition or sales directly from proper positioning on the Internet. A business plan should show at the very least how you plan to adopt technology and/or the Internet into your daily business operations. In an era where information is key, this can not be ignored.

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