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Masterplans has worked with over 18,000 businesses of all sizes and across industries


Masterplans has worked with over 18,000 businesses of all sizes and across industries


The team that helps you design a feasible and fundable business plan, your way.

Increase funding prospects and establish research-based goals by building a customized plan.

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Manage your time for maximum entrepreneurial effect

Eliminate all obstacles and organize your planning efforts with a unified team. Bring together consultants and collaborators, swiftly build and develop to provide financiers and other stakeholders with a sound business plan.

Our team helps you swiftly develop powerful business plans


Travis Grappo

"The bank and potential investors were completely blown away by my presentation and business plan from Masterplans."

Travis Grappo
Director of Operations, Metro Diner



Bring team members together to build business success

Effectively collaborate throughout the enterprise to generate materials that incorporate all seven business systems. Stay informed through personal correspondence and alerts.

Ty Cross, CLJI Worldwide

“I see a business plan as a living document, not something you use once and put on a shelf. When it comes to strategic planning, Masterplans has become an arm of my organization."

Ty Cross
CEO, CLJI Worldwide

Stay on track to reach your goals faster

Streamline your organization's communication with the materials you need, when you need them. Deliver a powerful elevator pitch, a persuasive executive summary, and flawless presentations and financial predictions.



Bruce Temmis, F.A.S.T. Academy

“Working with Masterplans really helped me see aspects of my business that I had not yet considered. The only thing I wish I had done different is enlist the services of Masterplans sooner."

Bruce Temmis
Founder, F.A.S.T. Academy

Everything you need for your business and funding scenario

Easily develop your ideal materials stack with the communication tools you need. 

Transform ideas into action. Collaborate with a team that interacts from every perspective, ensuring that you have a thorough business plan that encompasses the seven major business systems and demonstrates your seriousness to stakeholders.

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In a pitch, you have less than twenty minutes to make your case and draw attention. Get experienced copy, research, coaching, and design to create a high-level, strategic pitch deck that drives your fundraising initiatives.

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Communicate with an eye toward investors. Your executive summary must express your business model, how you intend to generate revenue, and how investors will profit by participating in your company. We assist you in doing this work properly.

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Demonstrate responsible spending throughout the startup stages. Early on, you must determine and convey your burn rate budget, which is your fully burdened cost per person, including rent, user licenses, insurance and more.

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Develop a concise pitch that investors cannot ignore. The maxim "less is more" is never more applicable than in an elevator pitch. Reduce your pitch to 300 words that address the who, the why, the opportunity, and the why now.

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Certain situations necessitate a simple, streamlined lean plan that focuses on the basics. Work with a team to distill a strategy, tactics, OKRs, and cash flow into fewer than 10 pages of important information for financiers.

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Full-suite business planning and investor documents development to help execute startup, early stage, acquisition and growth initiatives. 

The 7 Elements of Business Planning

Our customized "scientific" method for conveying information about your organization's seven core systems.


It is essential for founders to understand how investors evaluate firms. Your executive communications, such as your elevator pitch, pitch deck, and executive summary, must deliver pertinent facts vital to financier decision-making in a succinct and persuasive manner.


It is vital — and sometimes forgotten early on — that your intellectual property stack, capitalization, and incorporation are all effectively communicated to your stakeholders.



Financiers want to know "why" you do what you do, but new organizations tend to focus on "what" they do. It's important to explain how your products and services help customers get jobs done and solve problems.

Business Intelligence

"Knowledge is power" is never more true than it is in a business plan. Investors want to know the potential of your organization, and if you understand the trends, competitors, and industry facts that affect your business.


Sales and marketing are the lifeblood of your business, and you should have a plan for the methods and models you'll use to bring in, keep, and grow customer lifetime value.


Organizations are made up of people, so you need to be clear about who will run your business and how, and show that you have a plan for hiring, training, and guiding your team.

The Element of Finance

Our skilled financial modelers assist you in creating a realistic and informed pro forma financial model. They will help you to understand which line items you need to show, and how to show them.

Supporting your growth every step of the way

Our development teams are only a phone call away, so you can focus on leading your organization without limits. 

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