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Recent trends, advice, and resources for business plans and early stage business development.

Seeking Startup Success: Understanding the Role of Business Plan Consultants

7 min read

Going Beyond Writing: The Multifaceted Role of Business Plan Consultants

Most people think of a professional business plan company primarily as a "business plan writer." However, here at Masterplans, we choose to approach this role more broadly and holistically as that of a "business plan consultant."

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Exploring Entrepreneurship Immigration: The E-2 Investor Visa

4 min read

A Comprehensive Guide to the E-2 Investor Visa Business Plan

Originating from bilateral treaties between the United States and specific countries, the E-2 visa provides a platform for foreign entrepreneurs to...

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How Long Will It Take To Write My Business Plan?

8 min read

How Long Does It Take to Write A Business Plan? Well, It Depends.

You've been thinking about this for a decade. You are going to open the perfect coffee shop. You've worked at three different cafés in the last nine...

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The High Wire Act of Business Planning by Masterplans

8 min read

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Writing a Business Plan

Crafting a business plan is a delicate balancing act. It demands a deep understanding of your market, a clear value proposition, realistic financial...

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Putting the Fun in Funding!

9 min read

Choosing the Right Option to Fund Your Startup Business

Starting and growing a business is a challenging process that demands much more than just a brilliant idea. In the world of business, it is a...

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Market Research Was Once Much More Difficult Than It Is Today

12 min read

Best Market Research Tools for Business Plans in 2023

Over the past 20 years that Masterplans has been in operation, we've witnessed a significant evolution in market research methodologies. In the...

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What to do while you're NOT writing your business plan

3 min read

How Will You Spend the Time You Save by Hiring Masterplans?

A quick internet search might leave you with the sense that you can create a business plan in “less than an hour" and in "four easy steps!” Wow, you...

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What is a business plan?

5 min read

What Is A Business Plan (& Do I Really Need One?)

The term "business plan" is a familiar one, often bandied about in entrepreneurial circles. Yet, despite its ubiquity, it's remarkable how much...

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How to build a funnel to raise investment capital with Foundersuite

4 min read

How To Build An Investor Funnel For Your Startup

By partnering with Foundersuite, Masterplans clients get their pitch materials in front of potential investors

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A history of franchises and how to put together a business plan

2 min read

A Brief, Non-Boring History of Franchises

Ever dreamt of escaping your cubicle and becoming your own boss?

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