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Immigration Business Plans

U.S. Customs & Immigration awarded 140,000 employment-based immigration visas last year, but getting one isn’t easy. After you invest time, energy, and thousands of dollars, USCIS or a consular officer could deny your visa application just because your business plan wasn’t good enough.

Thousands of Approved Visas

My E-1 client that your company recently did a business plan for was approved for a 5-year visa. I reviewed the plan and was very impressed. Thank you!

Kyle J. Barella
Ortega Medina Associates

There’s a simple way to greatly improve your odds: get an immigration visa plan developed by the experts. Our specialized immigration team has created more than 2,000 E-2 and L-1A visa business plans, more than 400 EB-5 direct investment plans, and a wide range of Regional Center-based investment projects. We collaborate with hundreds of law firms nationwide, and we’ve learned exactly what adjudicators look for:

Substantial, at-risk capital investment, correctly applied
Realistic financial projections and job creation forecasting
Clear, quantified market need
Detailed descriptions of management roles and duties
Your expertise in business plan preparation, coupled with your fantastic, friendly and patient professional staff have made all the difference. It’s a pleasure working with you and thanks for helping my clients achieve success.

Caroly Pedersen
American Immigration Law Center

Why our plans work

From financial modelers to market researchers, our team of experts will develop a custom immigration visa plan based on the exact visa you’re seeking. Here’s what to expect:
Collaborate with an experienced project manager who’s developed hundreds of immigration business plans.
Get your business plan in as little
as 7 days.
Your plan is guaranteed. If you get a Request for Evidence (RFE), we do the edits for free.

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Immigration Business Plans

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