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Ty Cross, Founding Partner & CEO

Smart startups stay lean early on. Hiring too fast is a great way to go out of business. Ty Cross, founding partner of healthcare company CLJI Worldwide, knew this.

“Masterplans has become an arm of my organization.”

“Initially I needed to put together a professional, comprehensive business plan that could serve as the foundation going forward,” explains Cross. “Larger organizations will have enough people to do it. As a startup, we didn’t have the staff yet.” That’s when he first engaged Masterplans and started what would become a long-term partnership.

“My relationship with Masterplans is more than a one-off service provider,” he says. “I have an ongoing relationship with you for updates [to my business plan]."

"I see a business plan as a living document, not something you use once and put on a shelf. It evolves with the company. I’ve gone through several iterations of funding, and the plan has reflected each iteration."

“And as opposed to jumping around from one place to another, I like the consistency, quality, and customer service of Masterplans,” he continues. “When I find a really good partner, I stick with them. And I’ve been with Masterplans now for several years. It’s more than just a service that I reach out to. When it comes to strategic planning, research, and putting the plan together, Masterplans has become an arm of my organization. You feel like part of CLJI to me.”


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