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Dog City

Nora Jones, Founder

When you’re starting a business, you aren’t always 100% sure about your location. (Sometimes you’re 0% sure!) And even if you have the perfect spot, things can change. A great business plan partner won’t flinch, because it’s all part of the process.

That was the case for doggie daycare owner Nora Crosby. She hired Masterplans due to the team’s experience developing business plans for pet-related companies, specifically dog-sitting franchisees. But finding a location proved tricky. “I was looking at different locations to lease, and a lot of landlords don’t take on a doggie daycare because they don’t want 100 dogs running around the building,” she says.

Her team at Masterplans didn’t miss a beat. “You were willing to provide several different market analyses for North Dallas and South Dallas,” she says. “You were very accommodating with my search.” And as a result, Nora found the perfect location — and got several offers for funding.

“We finalized the business plan, and I sent it off, and it was accepted by three banks. I had a really good reception from lenders, and that was really exciting!”

“It was such a smooth process, and I was really satisfied with the work.”

Now Nora is spreading the word to other entrepreneurs. “Masterplans made the process very easy. You were on time, you had the experience, and you were very easy to work with. I highly recommend first-timers work with you.” Thanks, Nora!


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