Plenums of Florida Incorporated

Robert Taylor, Owner

When Robert Taylor was trying to purchase a 40-year-old HVAC manufacturing business, Plenums of Florida, he needed a bank loan. But the first bank he approached turned him down. Then a friend suggested he get a business plan from Masterplans to clarify his goal in a clean, professional format.

And the process, he says, “was excellent. It went very smooth. I kept feeding info to Masterplans, and they took that and turned it into a document and it worked out great.” Robert adds, “When you’re dealing with a bank, they really need a clear picture. It’s gotta be believable. By organizing the financial projections and also the principals and their background, that has a lot to do with it. There was no guesswork.”

Not only did Robert have a professional document that he could use to get approval from lenders, but he also had more confidence in himself as an entrepreneur, which goes a long way. “I felt confident that I could go to the bank, and when I gave it to the bank, they immediately gave me a positive response.” The result? He was approved for a $700,000 loan!

Today, Plenums of Florida continues to thrive. “We’re expanding. We’ve doubled the size of the company, and we’re expanding into automation,” Robert says. “As a matter of fact, I’m getting a loan next week for $2.5 million! I would recommend Masterplans absolutely.” Congratulations, Robert!

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