Our Team

No other company delivers like Masterplans. When you partner with us, you benefit from decades of experience, access to leading global research, and keen entrepreneurial insight. (Did we mention we're pretty darn pleasant as well? Once fully caffeinated, of course.) With the brilliant strategy of a comic book superhero, we've assembled a team of the most dedicated, specialized, and knowledgeable business planners out there. Here's who you'll be working with:

Brent Butler

Brent is our visionary expedition leader, taking Masterplans from a two-man operation to a multimillion-dollar business bursting at the seams. As if Brent weren’t busy enough, he’s also the Founder and Creative Director of GOODKID, a digital film and motion graphics company. Whether the small screen or small business, any project Brent touches benefits from his unparalleled insight and professionalism. In his fabled “free time,” Brent joins his 10-year-old son in mad science experiments and skis Mt. Bachelor.

William Dean
VP of Immigration

A Brown University grad, William now uses his scary-smart brain to demystify the USCIS immigration process for clients and build relationships with attorneys worldwide. His friends complain that he interjects the nuances of L-1, E-2, and EB-5 visas into casual conversation, but we don’t mind one bit. When not championing immigration projects, he tries to corral his spirited daughters, supports Portland’s sprawling brewery scene (with his wallet/liver), and cheers for the Blazers and Seahawks.

Kelly Hinkle
VP of Finance

This numbers whiz held high-powered finance jobs in New York for over a decade, from being the research associate of economist A. Gary Shilling to working as an equity analyst and co-founding a hedge fund. But don’t let her financial savvy fool you--her equally well-honed artistic side includes documentary filmmaking, spotting the next Britpop sensation, and launching two sticker subscription companies (Feminist Sticker Club and Cat Sticker Club).

Morgan Hrejsa
VP of Plan Development

Calm, collected, and always a snazzy dresser (#slayallday), Morgan edited books while working in Chicago's publishing industry before moving to Portland. Her many years at Masterplans mean you’re in excellent hands, as she reviews every single plan we write and never misses a detail. When not devouring books, she hikes through Portland’s mountains, explores its thriving restaurant scene, and chases down her toddler at the playground.

Paige Short
Senior Project Manager

Paige quickly rose through the ranks at Masterplans from editor to writer to project manager, where you benefit from her expertise and keen insight today. We’re honestly not sure how she manages to consistently anticipate clients’ needs (crystal ball hidden in stylish leather satchel?). She has a Master’s degree in literature, an encyclopedic knowledge of Wes Anderson movies, and a quick wit that’ll make you LOL IRL.

Austen Price
Project Manager

This graduate of OSU’s Entrepreneurship Program has a knack for finding creative solutions and helping business owners realize their vision. Possibly the nicest guy you’ll ever meet, Austen also brews his own beer, sprints down the soccer field, and roots for the Blazers against his better judgment.

Jon West
Project Manager

We stole Jon from a high-end flooring distributor, where he managed high-profile accounts, built industry relationships, and became the company’s exhaustive resource for product information. Not only is this Portland State grad the consummate professional, but he’s also cool as heck: He wrote a preteen novel titled Panda Bean and rocked out in local indie band NTNT.

Thomas Wilson
Creative Director

A bonafide design nerd, Thomas’s artsy cred extends from designing more than 300 logos and business plans (the dude has extensive marketing and advertising experience) to his passion for comics and a vast T-shirt collection. Ask him about his favorite typeface or graphic novel--or just wait for him to react to something with the perfect gif.

Ben Worsley
Client Relationship Manager

After seven years as Director of Operations for a Portland small business, Ben brought his hard-earned experience to Masterplans, where he guides clients through the business plan process. An avid runner, cyclist, and basketball fan, he unwinds with friends over a well-earned craft brew or fresh sushi.

Brian Danahy
Financial Modeler

Brian is a corn-fed Midwesterner with a head for numbers. After studying accounting at University of Nebraska, he did taxes for farmers, restaurants, and a myriad of small businesses, then worked at an accounting firm that served the healthcare industry. We’re glad that he couldn’t resist Portland’s siren song of soccer, camping, and hikes--and we think you will be, too.

John Prindle

A published crime novelist with an MFA in Creative Writing, John takes a hard-nosed investigative approach to each business plan with the insatiable curiosity of a true detective. This Virgo is both cool and sensitive, passionately pursuing knowledge, film, music, photography, and of course his next novel.

Carlee Parsley

An Idaho transplant and Creative Writing graduate, Carlee has dabbled in everything from sci-fi and fantasy to news and, now, business writing, giving her in-depth knowledge of the best way to craft a narrative. When not concocting a new plan or short story, she tries out new recipes, explores the Oregon Coast, and pets all the cats she can find.

Will Anderson

This Wisconsin native has oodles of literary cred, as a former editor at St. Martin's Press who worked on everything from Putinism to Pugs in Costumes. When not helping entrepreneurs with their business plans, he edits novels for first-time authors, enjoys craft beer, and plays European board games with his cat, Burt Macklin.

Christina Hersey

Christina Hersey is an OG Masterplanner who originally joined the team in 2006. She left and worked as a Project Manager for the Oregon Trial Lawyers Association and as an Instructional Designer, but we always get 'em back in the end. In her off time, she flexes her entrepreneurial muscles as an eBay seller, tends to her 5 backyard chickens (so Portland), and endures countless "It's all Greek to me!" jokes, as she's fluent in Greek and Spanish.

Tiphanie Laney
Office Manager

A gifted multitasker with uncanny tech skills and colorful unicorn hair, Tiphanie delights clients and tackles office problems with finesse. In a past life, she worked as an image specialist with copyright and provenance research. She unwinds by plugging in her earbuds and discovering new music, teaching herself digital design, and sewing bags in true Portland DIY style.