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Pitch Deck

Ever heard of Facebook? How about Airbnb? What about YouTube? They all got funded because of a pitch deck.

Yes, business plans are great for digging into the details. But if you need to wow a potential investor with a quick, high-level overview, you also need a pitch deck.

What Investors Really Want

Based on [Masterplans’s] business plan and pitch deck, we’ve had very good results with potential investors.

Jim Chiasson
AMP Sport

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When you partner with Masterplans, our experts distill your business plan down to its essence so you have an impressive tool to win people over. Our experienced graphic designers create eye-catching slides that are presentation-ready. Our pitch deck will give you the confidence and material you need to clearly outline your idea and why you deserve funding.

My existing investors and I were more than pleased with the final product. Everyone that has viewed our investor deck and provided feedback has complimented its caliber and presentation.

Justin Bastian
Socent Studios

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We know exactly what venture capitalists and angel investors look for, including:

Easy-to-understand value proposition
Clear, quantified market need
Latest industry trends and market research
Founders’ relevant qualifications and professional highlights
Financial bullet points

Masterplans has helped entrepreneurs put their best foot forward for over 18 years, so we know how to anticipate investors’ questions and assuage their fears. Don’t risk looking unprofessional and leaving millions on the table. Get a world-class pitch deck from Masterplans today.

Sample Pitch Decks

We create pitch decks to help sell your investment.
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