Business Plan for Government Contracts

A business plan can be used for many things. One of the many uses of a business may be the procurement of a government contract. A government contract business plan has to demonstrate financial solvency as well as anything the target government may give beneficial credit to the applicant for. This may be minority status the company holds, geographic locations currently target for government business planning needs, such as relief from Katrina, 9/11, or other fallout area.

In partnering with the government, it is important to demonstrate a willingness to use diversified labor and create jobs. The government usually has a lower bidder policy. If you have already been selected based on your status and just need a business plan by request, this can be a simple plan showing company history, ownership, and the ability to handle cash flow through the project, since the government doesn't like to run the risk of partnering with an unstable company that may not complete the contract. As well, new Patriot Act business plan models require disclosure of ownership to prevent government money from going to illicit organizations.

If cash flow is a problem, there are bridge loans many financial institutions will make to factor the government contract that the business plan will help to acquire. Many of these loans are used because the business plan usually shows that the supplier has to provide up to 80% of the work before they can submit a requisition for funds from the government agency.

Often, clients will approach us to create business plans for them in heavy construction, sub-prime lending, tribal land negotiation, minority employment agencies, low-income day care alternatives, and non-profit agencies. These plans for these partnering agreements can be quite different than say and SBA plan which is for government lending.

We can help your create a government-approved business plan generally in about 7–10 days and have done it successfully for businesses all over the US. Please contact us by calling 877-453-2011 or filling out the form below to get a Masterplans business planner to help you.