Writing a Business Plan for Venture Capital

After nearly a decade of writing business plans for successful new and emerging businesses, MasterPlans has become the foremost authority in business planning and the trends in the industry. One primary thing we have learned in that time is that "not all business plans are created equal." There are typically four different types of business plans: business plans for debt capital (loans), business plans for angel investorsbusiness plans for venture capitalists (VC) and business plans for internal operations and goal setting. Without exception, the business plan for VCs is the most difficult and specialized skill set. This is primarily a factor of the audience's expectations of the business plan.

A venture capital business plan is a combination of two seemingly contradictory ideas: 1) a document that remains concise, generally limited to 20–40 pages; and 2) a document that provides in-depth analysis of the market and full details of facts and figures. At MasterPlans, our consultants have expertly created this synthesis in hundreds of plans, many of which have garnered funding from the nation's top VC firms.

One major differentiating factor of a business plan for VC is the ability to present the upside and potential return on investment in a clear and compelling manner. However, simply telling an investor how much they can make is not enough. A VC-focused business plan must also delineate your insight and observation as the expert in the industry. Our renowned approach to getting to know you and your experience is the clear differentiating factor of our VC business plans and any other business plan consulting or assistance company in the industry.

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