Masterplans Sample Business Plan: Wild Sage Resort

CONFIDENTIAL – Do Not Distribute Without Permission 2 ž London, and Chicago, and in countries including Germany and Canada, also have helped contribute to the region’s strong tourism numbers the past few years. Aside from the attraction to its natural landscape, visitors vacation in Clearwater Beach for its outdoor andwatersport recreation, family-friendly activities, shopping, dining, and entertainment. A few specifically recognizable attractions include Clearwater Marine Aquarium, “Sunsets at Pier 60” — hosting music, sunset views, magic, and more, Clearwater Jazz Festival — typically hosted in October. Other annual large-scale events that occur in the region are the National Superboat Championships, Ironman competition, and Philadelphia Phillies spring training. Clearwater boasts year-round appeal due to its weather. Average winter temperatures are in the 70s, while in summer it is typically in the low-90s. 4 The gulf water temperature is in the 80s most of the year. MARKET SEGMENTATION Clearwater Beach became an epicenter for travel and tourism because it is one of America’s true small beach towns. What is sorely lacking presently are accommodations, hotels, and resorts that match Clearwater Beach’s laidback, personable demeanor. Wild Sage Resort will primarily target and attract visitors 25 to 55 years old. Guests of Wild Sage Resort will be seeking a more refined and stylish vacation stay in a resort that embodies attention to detail and will be in middle, upper middle, and lower upper-class income and socioeconomic brackets. The Company will target both domestic and international visitors to Clearwater Beach. In a market becoming saturated by corporate chain hotels and resorts, Wild Sage Resort will properly match Clearwater Beach’s stylishly easy-going traits. INDUSTRY ANALYSIS 4 “About Clearwater.” Source: