Masterplans Sample Business Plan: Kirby/Lee Solutions

CONFIDENTIAL – Do Not Distribute Without Permission 13 KIRBY/LEE SOLUTIONS: AN OVERVIEW Kirby/Lee Solutions, LLC is a multifaceted technology services firm that offers Information Technology (IT) consulting, staffing, and outsourcing services to businesses in all industries around the United States. Operating out of Portland, Oregon, the Company provides services that include customapplication development, short- and long-term IT staffing placements, business process outsourcing, and project management services. Kirby/Lee’s full-time staff of experienced technology professionals enables the Company to provide clients with access to a wide array of knowledge used to identify new opportunities, capitalize on rising trends, and develop solutions that deliver products and services more effectively. In this way, Kirby/Lee helps businesses evolve in new directions while simultaneously increasing profits from existing operations. THE COMPANY’S SERVICES As with any start-up, Kirby/Lee will continue to develop services based on what clients need. At launch, the Company will focus on these key services: IT Consulting Kirby/Lee’s IT consulting service keeps clients up to date on the fast-changing world of business technology. Drawing on up-to-the-moment knowledge of security, disaster recovery, application maintenance, database administration, and other techniques, the Company provides clients with practical recommendations regarding systems adoption and integration, sales and marketing opportunities, and long-term IT strategies. Kirby/Lee understands how changing one piece of a business’ technology suite will impact other pieces and works with client companies to ensure any changes it recommends are introduced effectively and in ways that maximize their benefit. Custom Application Development The rise of cloud-based computing has enabled businesses of all sizes to benefit from custom applications, both web-based and mobile, that enable smooth internal operations and offer customers easy access to information and services. Healthcare, finance, and retail are just a few of the industries in which implementation of custom applications has been nearly universal. Kirby/Lee works with clients to identify their technology needs before using careful planning and sophisticated design to develop and construct custom solutions quickly and efficiently, creating a high ROI relative to hiring internal development staff.