Business Plan for a Franchise

At first glance, operating a franchise business seems extremely simple. After all, the franchisor (a company that will allow you to do business under its trademark) is already a brand name in the minds of consumers. Franchisors have gained the marketplace's trust with a reliable product and service offering. However, you still need a business plan to let your lenders know you understand the franchisor's corporate culture and also to display your own competency. In addition, a business plan will be a perfect accompaniment to the franchisor's UFOC (provides all the necessary initial information on the franchisor and its expectations.)

Franchisees may depend on the franchisor for standard operating procedures and product sourcing, but they are a strong artery of the economy. They extend and bolster the franchisor's new business plan ideas to untapped markets in other parts of the country. Your business plan will, therefore, explain exactly how your franchise will extend the brand's name to your target market. A powerful market analysis section will be vital to this strategy. You will need census surveys of area population, as well the market's specific needs. A strong analysis of your competition will also need to be a detailed component of your business plan.

Since the franchisor has already established the products and services for your business plan, you can have a little fun talking about how you will implement its branded products. You can emphasize all of the crowd-pleasing aspects of the franchisor's products, and you can always highlight which products will be featured prominently in your store. In addition, the franchisor's established name and reputation will help you hone your business plan's marketing strategy, as well. Since franchisors often have an entire marketing and promotion arm of the company, you can express confidence that you will be able to attract your customer base with little or no difficulty. Taken together, these components will ensure that your franchise will be a fantastic success.