Corporate Identity

Along with branding, or an important part of branding, is the ability to have people readily identify your company. Most often, this is done through a custom company logo. Make logos work for your business in a way that prompts the user to have front-of-mind awareness for you when they see certain shapes and sizes and colors. The very first way to start your corporate identity is to have it closely worked into your business plan from cover to cover. Many of our clients get a leg up on the competition and in the funding process by having a professional logo for their business plan made prior to funding. This shows an increased level of sophistication of the client compared to the non-branding oriented alternatives.

There are a number of ways to make your logo work for you and your business plan. Logos often get placed on wallets, business plan, golf balls, glasses, mugs, ceramics, hats, shirts, sweaters, business plan table of contents and cover pages, visors, pens, cuff links, and more. Bringing your company image forward can help to show that your brand identity package is more than just pretty pictures on your letterhead, business cards, business plan, and envelopes.

Another great corporate identity tool is the use of a well-established website. A website can have many pictures and corporate feel and culture elements to let people know what your business is all about. Many heavy hitter business planners will direct their potential clients or investors to their website to generate useful deal flow and brand recognition. It is important to do this right, though. A poorly crafted website can be equally bad for the business and the people looking it over. Many times we can judge the seriousness of a company by the amount of time they have spent on their website.

First, make the business plan great. For help with that, contact us and we can help you craft a business plan with your corporate identity in it as to best secure the funding you may need.