Email Newsletter

An email newsletter is a fantastic way to get your company's products and services in the mind of your target market. And that's the goal, right? To have total penetration in the minds of those who will keep you in business. The bottom line is that newsletters drive business. Your business plan would be greatly enhanced if you created a section on exactly how they drive your business.

No matter if your business is completely web-based or if you have a brick-and-mortar location—an email newsletter can significantly increase traffic and sales. Of course, the major component of your email newsletter should be usability. Usability can be defined by how easily a user can opt-in and opt-out, or subscribe and unsubscribe. It also affects how a user feels toward your company. Email newsletters, like their physical counterparts, give users a sense that they're a part of your business. On the other hand, email newsletters can engender feelings of animosity if you try too many hard sells or are heavy on the shill.

Your business plan will be an effective way of striking a balance between creating an email newsletter that soars or sinks. The basic idea is that you have to truly know your customers. If they subscribed to your newsletter because they felt a strong connection to your business philosophy, always play up that aspect of your newsletter and your business plan. If they love a certain kind of product or service you sell, or if you have a popular mascot, always make sure you mention these vital aspects to your business. Your customers will continue being loyal.

Although you want to keep your customers reading your email newsletter continuously, never forget to make it easy for them to leave. And, of course, don't take it personally if they do. They may remain customers, but they may just want to cut down on email clutter, etc. So make sure that your business plan contains this email newsletter "exit strategy"; it will impress your clients, and your investors, too.