Where and How to Start Your Plan

The first and most important question to answer before beginning your plan is: How is your business unique from what is currently being offered? You must know the industry that you are trying to break into to know if your ideas are feasible. Once you've determined that there is a need for your business, whether nationally or locally, you must decide how you will draw your customers in. Your first priority should always be the customer, otherwise how will you have a business?

There are a variety of options in conducting research such as the internet, libraries, research services, and personal observation. Once you've determined the area that your business will be reaching you can start answering and researching the following questions. What services or products does your business provide?Who are your customers and how do you reach themHow does your business operate? Where are the financial resources coming from to start this business?

Remember that if something doesn't seem viable, don't be afraid to re-think ideas and try new things; this is the time to test your theories.